Franki Doll & The Broken Toys / Press

“Sometimes, a performer's stage persona is as important to a band's well-being as his or her music. Take Franki Doll & the Broken Toys. Though they play a competent arena rock infused with punk, the main event is singer Franki, a drop-dead MILF-y siren with tatted-up arms and a French manicure. With Pat Benetar's swagger, Doll sings about "Morphine Lollipops" and fairy tales.”

““They don’t play to the crowd, they spill themselves to the crowd and the crowd falls in love,””

“Fronting her fast rising band Franki Doll and the Broken Toys in Orange County, CA, Franki Doll is well known for her kickass stage persona”

“she’s achieved moderate local success, notably winning the prize for best live band at the 2008 OC Music Awards. She’s nominated again this year”

"Franki Doll & The Broken Toys" they are headed up by Franki Doll. My God, you guys gotta see this band. ... Franki is vicous, and her band is fucking amazingly good... I think Long Beach will fall in love with her instantly.


“Franki wails like Cinder Block from Tilt but with more edge. She has amazing power that flows though each verse and chorus, but when she wants to, she can turn on the edge that just makes you want to cry, it's so good. I was laughing and smiling and on the verge of tears.”


“Rich Kane from OC WEEKLY says: ... "Franki has a golden set of pipes... in her chest beats the heart of a been done wrong blues woman"...”

"Franki, has a way with the audience, maybe I should say, had her way with the audience. The people who came to see the band seemed as though they knew they were there to have a good time. There was a true connection between the band and the audience that is a rare find.

“Anti Music Magazine says: ... "in my own personal opinion Franki has more right to the title Queen of Punk than all those other pretenders to the throne...”

“Powerful, energetic, awesome sound, sexy lead singer, rock at its best. Catch the track "Train wreck Tina" it has the perfect guitar sound, that makes me want to drive down the highway at 100mph with the roof down on my car with the sounds full blast, blasting my ear drums to bits.”