Frank H Carter III / Press

“DJ Reactions: Danny Krivit: All very good Jimpster: Great stuff all round! Fred Everything: Real fun project, Giom’s mix is a killer. No shame in his game! Mosca: Gwan Giom!! Joyce Muniz: i dont want love yes ! Kruse & Nuernberg: Yeah… Great release. All tunes are equally sexy and playable. Moodymanc: giom’s mix is brilliant! Mario Basanov: beauty Grant Nelson: Sick! Fish Go Deep: Play On is the pick here for me. A nicely growling groove to set off the sweet vocal. Darlyn Vlys: “Magic In Your Eyes” original is beautiful! Support Johnny Fiasco: Giom remix rocks! Roberto Rodriquez: Lovely release! Really digging the vocals. Top production. Graeme Park: Fabulous release. Wonderful vocals, top quality grooves, delicious vibes all around Boddhi Satva: This “Play On” is right up my way, I’ll support it Murray Richardson: just got this and on first listen the I DONT WANT LOVE track has blown me away! D-Malice (Toolroom): Loving the old school twist on Giom’s mix! Great work!”

“Very good ep. Guessing Games is my fav. musically but I also like Dont Stop Now to play out. Equally good is Giom and Massimo’s tracks, thx...”

“I go all over these charts listening. I like knowing whose doing what and whose got what. Feel me? You, my musical friend, have a major skill set and I appreciate you much! ”

GLC Mims ( the Vocal Doctor) - Reverbnation