Frank Calafiura "Guitar Frank" / Press

“Eh, Frank Hope your music gets out to alot of ears. Deserves it. Morre”

Morre, Artist - Reverbnation

“i just checked out some of your songs , i need to tell you that they are more than awesome , that was brilliant work , i appreciate it alot ,”

Artist - Reverbnation

“Loved your first 2 tracks most...and your James taylor cover was also quite nice. i can tell you like to record "live". Nothing beats the spontaneity of LIVE. I could hear a lot more of you!”

Eva, artist

“lovely musical day and night... thanks friend .. i like your stuff . gr8888 future ahead .”

zakir, artist and fan

“Howdy Frank! I knew I'd have to be a fan when I listened to "Close Your Eyes." One of my favorites by JT and I never hear it anymore! Lucky Tampa Bay people.”

martha, fan and artist

“Hey, I listened to your songs and they are great. Loved Chets Song!”

Kelsey, Artist

“Nice new song frank, I love your incredible guitar !! :) good continuation Jean-christophe”

jean-christophe fan

“You sing and play the guitar very well and I know the people you play to are very impressed. I know I was. Anyway, I just wanted to shout out at ya, and say thanks and I hope the very best for you and your music career. God Bless, Josh”

Josh, Artist and Fan

“Hey, great performances... I wish I could perfom like that. Awesome guitar and voice! Continued success! Mike”

Mike, fan and artist - Mike, fan and artist

“Frank, You sound really good ! That's the toughest type of gig, going solo...I always thought there was safety in numbers ! Take care, Rick”

Rick, Fan and Artist

“I go all over these charts listening.I like knowing whose doing what,Whose got what.feel me?You,my musical friend,have a major skill set and I appreciate you much! GLC Mims ( the Vocal Doctor) ”

GLC Mims - Fan, Artist

“many thanks for joining my fanlist earlier...am listening to your tracks...really nice, atmpospheric, well played...have joined your fanlist...all the best - jon”