Frank Barham / Press

“The jazzy Afro-Brazilian-influenced sound that he features in his new band is “going to be what I consider my sound. I’ve always wanted to bring in this rhythmic thing.””

“While thinking about ways to promote his music, he realized he wanted to make his music about more than him making a living and the approach of the 25th anniversary of ADA provided the opportunity and inspiration for him to do just that. He decided he wanted to celebrate this incredible milestone in American Civil Rights and its impact on his life by paying forward his good fortune and raising money for people with disabilities who don't have access to a quality wheelchair.”

“Frank teve seus estudos musicais orientados por diversos professores – como o pianista Lenny Tristano, Ted Howe e o percussionista Mor Thiam –, além do aprendizado informal, por meio da audição e experiência de outros músicos e de participações com os mesmos em diferentes ambientes e estilos musicais.”

““When I released the EP in August I was thinking about how I wanted to promote it and longing for a physical challenge. Having been a Disabilities Rights Activist and marching for access to public transportation down here in Atlanta I wanted to highlight the idea of disability rights being civil rights and the idea of ability and disability being able to coexist within a human being.””

““His harmonica playing was great, but I was most impressed with the heart and soul he put into his performance. We had to get him in to play at Big Tex. He is an amazing harmonica player. His song selection is amazing, as well as his original music. He's also a great spoken-word poet. Frank has developed a great fan base. He continues to draw more and more people at each show, and the folks at our bar also love hearing him play.” Tim Tintle – Asst. Mgr. Big Tex Decatur”

““Frank is a cool Kat…period, and it comes out in his music. Its fluid. He makes it sound like there is so much air coming out of the harmonica. The solos Frank takes have this incredible composition that I have never heard coming out of a harmonica—no matter who was playing it.” Mike Jakob – owner of Elliott St Pub”

"I love Frank’s fire to express music. His quartet has a freedom and spiritual feeling.” Grammy-winning saxophonist Kebbi Williams