Franck Goldwasser / Press

“this is predominantly electric blues of the highest quality. These guys play with real fire and, better still, with a strong sense of direction, maintaining a taut thread to the music that holds your attention right through to the final bar. Franck’s major collaborator on this album is drummer/producer Boyd Small, and it’s his explosively sharp drumming that really rouses the blood. Between this and Bart Kamp’s beefy bass playing, there is a strong foundation for all the other players to build on. Franck’s electric guitar playing is great, always going somewhere interesting whilst remaining disciplined and tight... there is a strong sense that they’re all signed up to the common purpose of communicating the spirit of the blues... The track I’m coming back to most is the elegiac acoustic blues that Franck wrote for the late Phillip Walker – – the guitar playing is truly wonderful, extracting notes from his instrument in a manner that seems implausible... gloriously flui”

“As a truly groundbreaking artist, Goldwasser has one foot in tradition and the other in expanding its boundaries. This album is a pure contemporary blues masterpiece that should be used as a blueprint for any other guitar-driven contemporary blues artist wanting to measure up with critics and fans.”

Ben Cox - Juke Joint Soul

"Bluju" definitely has Blues Award nominations written all over it!!

Sherryl Crow - Music City Blues

“In the quarter century since his arrival in California, Goldwasser has not only lost his French accent when he speaks and sings, but he has mastered and internalized many different American blues guitar styles. Elements of West Coast masters Lafayette Thomas and Lowell Fulson inform Goldwasser’s stinging, fast-fingered fretwork, as do those of such other pickers as Hubert Sumlin, Matt Murphy, Pat Hare, Albert Collins, and Joe Louis Walker. He seldom apes their approaches, however, instead using them as raw ingredients from which to brew a personal, passion-filled musical stew of his own. His singing is consistently authoritative.”

Lee Hildebrand - Living Blues

“Here’s hoping this major label disc’s success leads to the impassioned French blues ambassador getting back in the studio as a leader again soon. His cosmopolitan, progressive slant on the idiom is a breath of fresh air and quite appealing to these lobes.”

Gary Von Tersch - Blues and Rhythm

“Frank Goldwasser has a sound that's fat and chunky yet athletic and powerful. The rhythms rumble and throb like a steam loco and Frank's guitar is rapier sharp and clean while allowing silence to speak loudly, too. He sings with a West coast cool, sounding like a cross between New Orleans' Bryan Lee, soulster Finis Tasby and Jr. Wells.”

Dr. Blues - LI Blues Society News

“Bluju marks Goldwasser¹s emergence as a world-class talent who writes,arranges, and sings with the same inventiveness that marks his guitar playing.”

Tom Clarke - Blues Review

“SIMPLY STUNNING: Parisian born Frank Goldwasser has put out the indy blues album of the year. His latest, "Bluju" is everything a record should be, inventive, truthful, filled with power and an absolutely exceptional level of musicianship. Frank, (known to many before as "Paris Slim") is an extraordinary talent. Still a young man, this brilliant guitarist, vocalist, songwriter and bandleader has been too little recognized nationwide with regard to his important contribution to West Coast Blues.”

Joseph Jordan - Southland Blues

“Though he takes his pages from the Oakland Blues Bible, Goldwasser has no problem playing the heretic to establish his own vision for the future of the blues.”

Joseph Sciallo - I-Music