Francesco Lo Castro / Press

“The guitarist and composer Francesco Lo Castro has surrounded himself with some very fine musicians on Chasing Beauty....The title refers to the worthwhile activity of seeking beauty in the mundane as well as the perfect....It is not introspective, it demonstrates an attractive openness. It is a perfect album for relaxation, calming and gentle. I can easily imagine it being played in cafes in Europe....There is no doubting Francesco’s prowess on both acoustic and electric guitar, the subtle shades and tempos are memorable.”

“This ('Chasing Beauty') is a beautiful album, with a range of stunningly cinematic compositions exquisitely arranged and performed.”

John Wheatcroft - Guitar Techniques Magazine; Head of Guitar at Tech Music School, London

“Lo Castro is clearly an accomplished musician, surrounding himself here with instrumentalists who, together, are able to illuminate the delicacy of his writing and playing....‘Chasing Beauty’ is different… and pleasingly so, for its unashamed honesty, high spirits and (simply) this fine musician’s ear for a good tune. Banish the ‘Winter blues’ with Francesco Lo Castro’s own brand of optimism!”

"Songs for Duke " by Bruno D'Ambra and Francesco Lo Castro is a stunning CD. The album captures the true spirit of Ellington with beautiful original melodies and superb interplay between these two fine musicians

Trudy Kerr - Broadcaster BBC Radio Across the South

“Superb melodies and outstanding riffs abound from start to finish on this simply amazing album. Electric Affairs is an incredibly joyous affair that is enormously enjoyable, underpinned by solid grooves. The world of electric guitar has just seen the birth of a new hero and phenomenon in Lo Castro with Electric Affairs........This is the most phenomenal and interesting electric guitar album in a very long time.........A firm favourite here already, Francesco Lo Castro's Electric Affairs is a must have for anybody who loves not just great guitar music, but good music, period. For the electric guitar aficionado, this is sheer heaven.”

Rich Rainlore World of Music

“Brilliantly consistent, Songs For Duke is gently but utterly mesmerising. It is the kind of album one could easily play all day long. Elegance, sophistication, beauty, charm, subtlety, and a kind of magic, this brilliant album has them all in abundance, and more. Lo Castro and D'Ambra should leave their indelible mark on the British scene with this little masterpiece!”

““For a duo, Bruno and Francesco produce a big warm sound on this delightful set of original compositions inspired by Duke Ellington...... ...Highly Reccomended” ”

Jim Mullen

"Just been listening to your band (Improfives). You've developed into a really great jazz guitar player: a mature balance of technical flair and musicality"

Shaun Baxter (Carl Palmer, Guitar Techniques Magazine)

"........huge thank you goes to Francesco Lo Castro, awesome guitarist and producer whose music knowledge and talent are second to none."

Steven Bryan (on Skope Magazine )