Francesca Amari, Cabaret Singer / Press

“If you want to hear more than a dozen old pop favorites that competed with rock-and-roll for listeners’ attention during the 1950s through the 1980s … that’s Amari. Francesca Amari, a pert bundle of vocal dynamite, performs the songs she preferred listening to growing up — what she calls her “guilty pleasures” — describing the act of revealing these secrets as “something like attending an AA meeting but with a two-drink minimum.” Never trying to imitate the original artists, Amari simply reflected the joys of their unique sounds as she put her own spin on each song. ”

“Ms. Amari, with an abundance of self-reflexive wit, and consummate vocal skill, brought us to the heart of the mystery of how and why music can be such a powerful force in our lives. Her fearless celebration of her alleged squareness stands as a powerful rebuke..."”

"..a pert Francesca Amari turned "What I Did for Love" in to a boldly fervent Broadway reflection."

Robert Daniels - Variety

“The Rhythm Section Jazz Band of Grand Rapids were a hit in our small town of Alpena. We were impressed beyond words - loving every minute of Francesca's beautiful voice and appreciating the bands professionalism. -Bridge Wertz, 12/7/2007, Dinner Dance, Alpena, MI”