Fragmenta / Press

“There's pain and perseverance on this record, all wrapped up in a broodingly furious package. Fragmenta set out to create an affecting, devastating and unique album, and succeeded without question.”

“Just when one gets settled for this hectic semi-technical approach, comes "Darkest Storm" to shetter his/her senses with a portion of fast intense speedy guitars. "Seeds" is another winner, a combination of the two sides with a few really cool up-tempo moments. The diversity goes on later, first with the decent ballad "Eternal Flame" whic is not a Bangles cover; and the progressive shredding title-track which is aptly accompanied by another more technical composition: "March of the Afflicted" which boasts a fine virtuoso lead passage.”

“Just finished listening to ODIMORSUS It kicked me in the teeth, bludgeoned over the head, drove me to the wilderness, had its way with me and left me naked, scared and confused! It was awesome!”

“Flaming Fragmenta Fire Away At The Happy Yess”

“Powerful and very aggressive, exactly what I like”