Fragile Existence / Press

“Cataclysms and Beginnings is such a complete Death Metal material that I think every serious follower of this genre will find something on his/her liking on it. 10 tracks, 48 minutes of brutal, technical, melodic Death Metal, a successful take on Traditional Death Metal seen from a modern, fresh perspective even with a slight touch of progressive to it, their music has it all, from mind-blowing guitar solos to incisive bass lines, blasting drums, from versatile and impressive vocals to semi-acoustic guitars, and from ultra-brutal parts to some more melodic and soft. 9.5/10”

“Great guitar work, a chunky grunt that runs nice and smooth and a rhythmic base that creates a nice flow and a great groove. From opener 'A Malignant Design' to closer 'The Skin Casket' this is a mature album that deserves a wide audience. A record for all time, one could say, where it combines the best from the 90's deat metal to the current extreme bands.”

“Heavy enough for the death metal fanatic yet memorable enough to attract a more melodic audience. Can’t go wrong with that approach.”

“… the atmosphere of ice and torture, like being whipped with a frozen bicycle chain.”

“We suggest you think of Cataclysms And Beginnings as a particularly delicious cheesecake. As previously mentioned, Death Metal is the perfectly satisfactory and reliably solid biscuit base/crust but it’s what’s layered on top that counts. The filling, and the heart of Fragile Existence, is a decidedly rich, deep and satisfying mix of Heavy Metal’s fundamental ingredients; sweeping lead guitars, intricate solos and thick, artery-clogging riffs that always leave you craving more. The only thing left to mention is the copious amounts of surprisingly sweet melody that perfectly finish each track.; a topping that adds an undeniable edge and creates something truly gratifying in the process.”

“‘Cataclysms and Beginnings’ is slick, well executed death metal with some great songwriting. Headbanging groove meets raging blasting in a great mix of modern and vintage death metal styles. …...some of 2015’s finest deathly riffs and brutality.”

“Fragile Existence’s second album is 48 minutes of timeless Death Metal that pays homage to multiple Death Metal styles yet remains its own beast….. Cataclysms and Beginnings is a very thorough, engaging and impressive slab of mature Death Metal. Definitely one for you to investigate further.”

“Local Torontonians, Fragile Existence, opened up the night at the Annex Wreckroom with a lot of energy and good humour. Vocalist/Guitarist Dan Glover had a suave, cocky attitude as he entertained himself and the fans present in-between songs. Fragile Existence played a fast paced set that got concert goers pumped up for the bands to come. With lyrics ranging from politics to aliens, they definitely put on a show that got more than a few interested nods of appreciation.”

“... these Canadians come strong in the underground scene with a terrific first pitch.”

“Last night was a brutal fuckin’ night down at The Annex WreckRoom in Toronto, just on the edge of Koreatown. The line-up was surprisingly much more diverse than I had originally thought, but incredible nonetheless, with local band Fragile Existence delivering old school death metal in the vein of Deicide or early Death, Nero Di Marte pummeled with a droning mix of progressive metal and subtle hardcore, in what turned out to be their very first Canadian performance, Origin got literally the entire crowd crowd-surfing and moshing, with frontman Jason Keyser echoing Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe in terms of stage presence, and Gorguts gave the fans a treat by playing their latest record “Coloured Sands” in full, as well as a few oldies for a massive encore. Definitely a brutal night, woke up this morning with bruises across my back and a wicked headache. \m/”

“...fast-paced death metal, with a pleasing combination of rapidly slamming riffs and spinning guitar solos.”

“There are still many words to describe what was done by these guys as old school but at the same time innovative, in short, one of those jewels that occasionally gives us underground, but this time has been exceeded. Groovy and melodic guitars... accompanied by a growl powerful and varied.... Varied and creative song writing, as I said is based on an original proposal that brings together many elements itself without making them seem discordant. Excellent ability to make catchy songs and at the same time complex and not progressive steps that come with high-technique. [translated from Italian]”

“Fragile Existence was without a doubt the band of the night.”

“Toronto’s metal scene never stops amazing me, old school and new school alike. This time around, it pulls the best out of the mid to late 1990’s death metal era under the form of Fragile Existence.”