Fish Out of Water / Press

“If this were a vinyl record [The Dream], you’d have bought it by now. Or borrowed it. Or stolen it. And someone, either a roommate or the driver next to you at a stoplight, would have yelled at you by now to turn it down. Remember music like that?”

“California trio blends a dancing, party vibe...”

“Filled with crisp guitar work and harmony vocals, the record [Heart to Hand] sounds like it should be heard around a beach fire after a long day of surfing.”

“Pen Pushers…The EP’s loudest statement. A bass funk that will make you pull out that old 'The Meters' album you haven’t listened to in too long. The drumming fills every spot with a perfectly spiced beat.”

“It’s rock n’ roll spirit with a RoPhunk RaeHop sound... Party tricks are one thing, but Fish Out of Water back it up with unquestionable dedication.”

“In addition to their eclectic electric set, the Fish open most shows acoustically, providing a musical for play reminiscent of singer-songwriters Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, and John Mayer. The rest of their set progresses into heavy funk lines, hip-hop and a unique style of rock and reggae.”

“It’s as if Led Zeppelin, Bootsie Collins, Bob Marley, and Ice Berg Slim were wrapped up into one bad-ass persona.”

Griffith Jackson - Sacramento News & Review