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“According to google translate: U.S. must also be represented by a band at this international split, and it takes the form of Fist of the North Star, coming on a second place just after ROTPM in competition for the weirdest band name. Unlike the two previous bands, the band plays a more thrash-inspired kind of ... punk. It's hard hitting, and through the band's four songs are the theme explosive and energetic freshness that is rarely seen among contemporary punk bands. They have their own sound, and it hits like a fist in my stomach. The climax comes in the form of "Voices" that delivers a superb blend of Strung Out, Slayer, Megadeth and Lagwagon.”

“Fist Of The North Star, on the other hand, are the highlight band on this split. Their take on highly technical hardcore/punk has nuances of Strung Out in the guitars, though the vocals are a little rougher and rawer in comparison. But one thing they have going for them is melody: they add intense amounts of it to make their otherwise aggressive sound infectiously catchy. The guitar melodies in "Roaches" are brilliant, the coarsely sung vocal lines on "Burning Out" superb, and overall the band sounds like one that should be having tons of national and international success. The intricate melodies are spot on.”

“Fist Of The North Star: Dudes from Nashville who turn in four tracks of melodic hardcore/skatepunk. Pretty good, but it goes by in a blur of double picking and harmonics due to being on the back half of the CD.”

“American Fist of the north star and they plays also fast punkrock but they feels a little bit happier than the group before.”

“Fist of the North Star The hardcore of FOTNS has a big touch of metal in it but it still delivers the same intensity of the previous two bands. The Lyrics lament on the personal conflict and torments.”

Ireland Record Label

"Heres To An Early Grave is the latest release from Nashville thrash punk rockers Fist of the North Star. This record is angry, aggressive, and intense. Fans of L.A. hardcore in the vein of Zeke will definitely enjoy this. Simple abrasive guitar supported by interesting bass lines and solid percussion can be found throughout the record proving the band can do a hell of a lot more than thrash and burn. Everyone from old school 80's style HC fans to ball cap wearing Bridge 9 kids should definitly give HTAEG a spin from front to back."

JR - AMP Magazine

"Adventurous and aggressive, Here's To An Early Grave proves that more comes out of Nashville than a bunch of twangy wankers. Clearly raised on a mixture of ...And Out Come The Wolves, The Shape Of Punk To Come, Zeke and old school L.A. Hardcore, this 11-track opus is a haven of Rancid's inherent melodies and bass guitar meandering fused together with Refused's brash vocals, Zeke's speedy intensity, thrash metal's uncompromising delivery and Minor Threat's forthright, disgruntled attitude. Still, the quartet manage to bastardize each influence enough to ensure that Here's To An Early Grave is unique, not a bargain-bin pilfering of obviously great inspirations. Best situated amongst the newer hardcore traditionalists such as New Mexican Disaster Squad and Cloak/Dagger, yet clearly on their own playing field, and not really willing to let others join in, Fist Of The North Star are an impressive display of youthful vigour and malicious aural designs."

Keith Carman - Exclaim Magazine

“Fist Of The North Star - Here's To An Early Grave (Stik Man) Imagine a mix of punk, rock & roll and screamo vocals and you're getting close to the feel of this album. FOTNS are packing power and punches and this really impresses. 11 tracks which even have a lo-fi feel to them, a nice DIY sound at points too, the mix really works well. To even try to sum this band up would be an injustice so maybe mix some Strung Out, some Descendents, the lo-fi sound of The Cougars but with a heavier vocal you'd find on a Bridge Nine band and you might be getting closer. It has to be said that I am really into this album! ”

Mr. T - "Lights Go Out" Punk Zine (UK) Issue #7

“Fist Of The North Star – Here’s To An Early Grave (Stik Man Records) Sometimes a load of random CDs will find themselves in my house and this was one of 3 sent to me from Stik Man Records in the States via a promotions company in Cyprus; completely random and I totally didn’t know what to expect from any of the bands. This album by Nashvilles’ Fist Of The North Star was the first one that I decided to whack on and I was totally, totally impressed with the 11 songs on here. On the first listen they reminded me of The Steel cause they play a lovely brand of fast, fun times and slightly melodic hardcore punk. On the next listen I did hear more of a slight rock n roll feel to it as well, with some nice guitar licks and twiddly solos here and there, parts reminded me slightly of say Zeke or early day Dwarves. Yeah, nothing on here to complain about at all, it doesn’t have a lulls or filler songs, I only hope the other 2 CDs are as good as this one. ”

Pete - "Mild Peril Zine" (UK) Issue #17

“Snarling, nasty-assed, energetic, fresh and rockin' good old school style hardcore punk rock. If this music doesn't make you want to mosh, I don't know what does. The band has attitude, super fast guitar work and harsh vocals ...”

Jonny Taint - PunkRockReview.org

“The new guitarist is tight as hell! Sweep picking and shredding his way through every song, he's a killer addition to the band and the band played a new cover song as well, a NOFX tune, but Fist-style with more balls, that had the crowd singing at high level.”

Adam Smith Riggs - April 20th show at the Muse in Nashville, TN

“In less than two years this Nashville punk band has gone from a couple of guys jamming out old punk covers to a nation-touring force of underground hardcore punk rock. With a sound than can go from early Oi to modern hardcore, FONS catalog is as diverse as its incarnations.”

Wes Cobb - Eat Grits and Die Zine