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“There’s a group of talented local musicians who have also benefited from the great fortune of deriving from the Bay. They’ve even gone ahead and called themselves Fortunate Youth. (And while the name might echo with reverie of black cherry ice cream, there’s a little more to it.) “We were discussing band names and felt that youth has had, and will always have, a strong connection to music in many ways…. We have been very fortunate to be able to do what we love, and to connect with people of all ages… Music can give all of us a youthful state of mind throughout our lives.” Fortunate Youth is one of the South Bay’s premiere reggae bands, and arguably the most in demand and successful reggae outfit in the area today. With the 2010 release of their well received debut EP Up-Lifted, fans have anxiously awaited the completion of a full-length album. Fortunately, the wait is over. Irie State of Mind has been released this summer and the band has been touring hard to promot”

“Fortunate Youth’s new release, Irie State of Mind, is all anyone could ask for in a reggae album. As soon as the intro kicks in you are treated to 12 tracks of well placed percussion riffs, wonderful vocals, and a full-on dub and reggae assault. The band worked with Lewis Richard of 17th Street Studios, producer of Seedless’s Twisted Roots. Lead vocalist Dan Kelly said this of Richards: “Having worked with Lew on the TWISTED LOVE album for Seedless, it really let me know that Lew would take the IRIE STATE OF MIND CD where it needed to go. I totally trusted Lew to capture the sound of what Fortunate Youth needed for the IRIE album.””

“Reggae/roots band Fortunate Youth will be opening for the legendary Wailers at Brixton Saturday, March 13. The band has become a local favorite amongst reggae area bands and will be performing songs from its recent EP, “Up Lifted.” The reaction to the band thus far has been very supportive from the South Bay music fans. “It’s been pretty amazing how quickly their draw has picked up,” said band manager Jared Segawa. “We’ve been so aggressive with this band on the promotion end. The band has played with a lot of legendary acts in the past eight months like Toots & the Maytals and The Wailers.” Fortunate Youth will be hitting the road this summer playing various festivals, and hop on dates with bands like The Expendables and Tribal Seeds. In addition to touring as much as possible in 2010, the band plans on releasing its debut album as well. For more information on Fortunate Youth, visit www.fortunatemusic.com.”

“Fortunate Youth has sprouted straight from our own backyards, and while Sourgrass finds many of its roots planted here in the South Bay as well, they now come to us from Santa Cruz. Fortunate Youth is a fluidly talented reggae and dub outfit, psyching us out with keyboards, brass, and the smell of skunks in the air. Sourgrass is a powerful rock & roll band, deeply based in blues, funk, jam, and sexy moves. For more information on the Autism Benefit show, visit www.eatplaygive.com. To learn more about Sourgrass, Fortunate Youth, and Diego’s Umbrella, and to hear their music, check them out on www.DirtyHippieRadio.com. Listen, learn, read on…”

“Released in January 2010, this is one album that I am glad to get my hands on. “Up-Lifed EP” is an impressive reggae album that was put together by seven talented artists born and raised in Los Angeles, California. It sounds clean, professionally constructed and vibrant. They keep it fresh and energetic, but are not afraid to slow it down to bring a nice rootsy reggae feel. Each track flows right into the other; the placement of the songs is beautifully concise. There are a variety of sounds and instruments, but it is easy to hear Fortunate Youth’s unique interpretation of California Reggae. This album definitely sounds awesome out of the speakers of my car but when I heard it live I definitely had to approach the band and connect with them. There is one thing for certain- this band definitely has a bright future ahead of them. You can find this CD on iTunes, cdbaby.com and reverb nation. –Danielle Negrin www.myspace.com/fortunateyouth www.fortunatemusic.com ”

Danielle Negrin - YourMusic Magazine