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“We are excited to let you know that your submission of "This Christmas (Hurry Home)" has been approved! Congratulations! Thank you Pandora !”


“Mark Blomsteels CD #Dutchboy' won Dutch CMA Award , and was crowned ALBUM OF THE YEAR 2017 Proud to be a part of this amazing CD with my song Guns or Roses.. Congrats Mark & Thank you !! Mark Blomsteel November 26 · BREAKING NEWS----------------- I can proudly announce that I've won 2 Dutch CMA Awards last night! '#Dutchboy' was crowned ALBUM OF THE YEAR and 5 years after 'What's That Cowgirl See In Me' in 2012, 'Lived & Gone To Heaven' won the award for SONG OF THE YEAR! I'd like to thank all of you for voting for me as well as everyone involved in the process of creating the music. To name a few I can tag; Producer Fred Vail, engineer Sam Martin, bandleader and guitarist Chris Leuzinger, one of the writers of 'LIved & Gone To Heaven' Kurt Hagan and bandleader in Holland Tom Tom Ensink, Humphrey Saalberg for picking up the awards for me in my absence and I can go on and on! These Awards are for you all as well!! Thank you very much!!”

Mark Blomsteel - Various

“*Independent Music Awards Official Nomination"Two Genres 2016 *Official Nomination HMMA Awards 2016 "Two Genres" *Artist Placement"Certified Crazy" "Some Things Are True "2016 * Signed 2 Sync/Licensing Agreements 2016 * "Guns or Roses" Artist Placement 2016 * Guns Or Roses 2016 "Nominee" American Songwriting Awards **Guns Or Roses Finalist UK Songwriting 2015 * Nominee/ Finalist 2014 AMA Awards 2014for"Jingle Jangle Christmas " Holiday * The Journey ~ Songwriter Universe " Top Five" * Finalist UK Songwriting Contest 2014 * *"Winner Two Categories"Dallas Song Contest 2014! * Home To Carolina" on Pandora. * "The Journey "Top Five S.U.2014 *Finalist USA Songwriting Comp International Inspirational/ Gospel *Finalist Country category 2012 Session-II John Lennon Songwriting Contest. *Winner Two Categories UK Songwriting Contest 2013 *12th Annual KCCM SONG OF THE YEAR CONTEST 2013" * Winner Home To Carolina Songwriter Universe 2011”


“CD Baby”

“Home To Carolina ~ Finalist ~Country The Journey ~ Semi ~ Finalist ~Christian /Gospel UK Songwriting Contest 2014”

UK Songwriting Contest 2014 - UK Songwriting Contest 2014

“Honored to be a two category Winner in the "Dallas Songwriters Association Song Contest 2014! CHRISTIAN/ INSPIRATIONAL 1. The Journey NOVELTY /HOLIDAY/ CHILDREN 1. Jingle Jangle Christmas”

“Jingle Jangle Christmas”

“Dear Rob, Congrats! "Fort Million - Home To Carolina" by Fort Million is now playing on Pandora. Create your own station, share with your fans and get ready to be heard and discovered across other stations on Pandora. All the best, The Pandora Curation Team”

Pandora - The Pandora Curation Team

“A Dance with Angels )Antoinette's Song) A great song with an emotionally heartfelt lyric message that will touch many a listener. Creative Production ideas, a memorable Chorus/ hook plus an expressive, & inspired vocal performance certainly make for a memorable listening experience. Your really did a fine job in creating the right emotional mood & atmosphere via your choice of instruments & parts played. Vocal arrangement is also to be complimented for the back-round vocal parts use excellent voicing's & the blend with the lead vocal track is seamless.Chorus is dynamic & emotionally engaging. Good song that is worthy of praise. I will forward your submission to the Creative Director of a successful Film/TV Music Publishing Company with an extensive list of High-end placements in big Films, great TV Shows, and Commercials......”

Taxi A&R - Taxi A&R

“AUGUST 2014 AWARDS CONTEMPORARY CHRISTIAN - August 2014 Akademia Music Awards Winner: Best Song The Journey 'From its beautiful piano intro to its roaring and satisfying chorus, this praise song takes listeners on an intense and rewarding musical journey of their own.' © 2014 The Akademia Music Awards.”

"A Dance With Angels" is well-developed, I hear a ton of Commercial potential. Possibly even Contemporary Country potential. I could hear an artist like Martina McBride on a record such as this. Fantastic work!

Taxi A&R - Taxi A&R

“*Honored to be a 2014 Nominee/ Finalist 2014 American Songwriting Awards for"Jingle Jangle Christmas " Holiday Category.. Invited to attend and be recognized live on stage at the 2014 American Awards Show Ceremony at the Hard Rock Cafe and Concert in Las Vegas November 2014.”

American Songwriting Awards - American Songwriting Awards

“The Journey ~ Songwriter Universe " Top Five”

“We are excited to let you know that your submission for " Home To Carolina" has been approved. We'll reach out to you again when it has been added to the Music Genome Project and begins playing on Pandora. Thanks, -The Pandora Curation Team”

Pandora - -The Pandora Curation Team

“Song of the Year Songwriting Contest 2013 "Jingle Jangle Christmas" The Song of the Year songwriting contest has awarded Rob Cariddi the Runner Up Placement in the song contest. Song of the Year receives entries from all over the world and only the top songwriters receive a Runner Up placement in the songwriting competition.”

The Song of the Year Songwriting Contest - The Song of the Year Songwriting Contest

“What a lovely tone "I'm So Blue" offers, Rob! Ths vocalist KILLED the execution. I haven't heard influences like these since "Blue" from Leann Rimes. . Personally, I love it. And because your submission is so well-developed both lyrically and melodically, I will be forwarding to a "Major Producer" for you today. As for your critique, you can't mess with perfection. For what this record is, it's perfect. I wouldn't change a thing, Rob. This listing is looking for heartfelt, Country ballads a la "To Make You Feel My Love" by Trisha Yearwood, "Carrying Your Love With Me" By George Strait, and "From This Moment" by Shania Twain. "I'm So Blue" is strong enough both lyrically and melodically to be played on a playlist with these referenced records. Great job!!!!”

Taxi A&R

“Rob, “I'm So Blue is so hot” What a nice song man. Love everything about it. It's a great demo too. And that chord the acoustic hits at the last Blue.....nice. It's a joy to hear something so Patsy Cline without being PC. Fresh and new country blues. I think this one needs to get pitched. Sending a contract. Well Done. Frank -Prenevost Music PS- is the track available?”

Frank -Prenevost Music - Music X-Ray

"How does a Brooklyn boy (I'm a Brooklyn too) write great country music....? it's freaking awesome stuff Rob." I love the tunes on your page... I know you're a writer do you also sing... either way it's working. Certified Crazy is mad cool..

David McLorren - Revebrnation Artist - Reverbnation News ~

“I'm So Blue "Placed "Top 3" Broadjam's annual Steinberg Songwriting Competition!”

Broadjam - Broadjam~~12/16/2013

“Honored to be a Finalist in USA Songwriting Comp International 2013 A Dance With Angels(Antoinette's Song) Inspirational/ Gospel Category! 11-19 13”

“UK Songwriting Contest 2013 Winner Christmas Category : Jingle Jangle Christmas by Rob Cariddi 2013 is the first year the contest has had a dedicated Christmas Songs category and the variety and standard of entries was outstanding. Song entries were in a huge variety of genres including country, choral, rock and roll, jazz, pop, ballads, comedy, children's songs and more and the judges have had a very difficult task. Joint winners were chosen - Leigh Haggerwood from London, UK (who performed his own entry) and Rob Cariddi from South Carolina USA (who does not sing and entered a demo made by a session singer at a local demo studio). Both these songs, along with other selected Christmas themed entries, will be featured and promoted by the UKSC in the run up to Christmas 2013”

“COUNTRY WINNER I'm So Blue by Rob Cariddi The very worthy winner in the Country Category this year is I'm So Blue by songwriter Rob Cariddi from South Carolina, USA. Rob does not sing and this outstanding song entry was recorded for him by a female session singer at a local demo studio. This well crafted classic country/blues song is in standard AABA form. It is very memorable and the judges agree that Rob fully acheived his ambitious aim of writing a song with a "timeless classic" feel.”

“Two Category Winner in the UK Songwriting Contest 2013 Country Category _ I'm So Blue Christmas Category - Jingle Jangle Christmas http://www.songwritingmagazine.co.uk/news/uk-songwriting-contest-2013-winners-revealed/12021”

“Rob Cariddi A Dance With Angels (Antoinette's Song) The Song of the Year songwriting contest has awarded Rob Cariddi the Suggested Artist placement in the song contest. Song of the Year receives entries from all over the world and only the top songwriters receive a Suggested Artist placement in the songwriting competition.”

"A Dance With Angels” was selected as a Finalist in the Country category of the 2012 Session-II John Lennon Songwriting Contest.

“12th Annual KCCM SONG OF THE YEAR CONTEST A Dance With Angels (Antoinette's Song ) wins Honorable mention 2013”

DeAnne Arnold - KCCM Song Of the Year

“Our first time to listen to you...glad we did!!! We just listened to your song "Certified Crazy". what a great tune. love that old slow Country Swing style...reminds us of something Tanya Tucker might do. You did a great job of making the established sound come across this contemporary...nicely done! We think you've bridged that older style with a contemporary sound...not that easy to do but you did a real fine job of doing just that! thanks for a real nice listen. BTW, your female singer did you right on this one! Di and Al aka Double Trouble”

Double Trouble (-Broadjam Artist_ - Broadjam.com

“CONTEMPORARY CHRISTIAN - April 2013 Akademia Music Awards Winner: Best Song Artist: Rob Cariddi Song: A Dance With Angels (Antoinette's Song) 'A beautiful tale of love and loss that soars on the wings of a well-orchestrated musical ensemble.'”

“A Dance With Angels (Antoinette's Song) Places in the Top Five in : Songwriter Universe "Song of the Month Contest " September 2012 ~~”

"A Dance With Angels " WINNER BEST SONG CONTEMPORARY CHRISTIAN - April 2013 Akademia Music Awards 'A beautiful tale of love and loss that soars on the wings of a well-orchestrated musical ensemble

“September 2013 :A Dance With Angels(Antoinette's Song) #1 Country Chart ...Spotlight Zone”

“A Dance With Angels ( Antoinette's Song)" was a Semi-Finalist in the Christian / Faith & Country Music category in the UK Songwriting Contest 2012”

UK Songwriting Contest 2012

“A poet of the heartstrings is the best way to describe the absolute beauty of the songs of the fabulous songwriter named Rob Cariddi. I found him by accident when he said “hi” on my page at Reverbnation. What a find! If you are looking for that perfect soundtrack for that special moment in your life, Rob Cariddi has probably written about it. Just recently in 2010 he picked up the guitar and began to write again. I’m so glad he did. He’s been hitting home runs in several contests with his ”A Dance with Angels (Antoinette’s Song); ” it has won the top spot on Songwriters Universe, the “Suggested Artist” placement with Song of the Year and was a recent “Finalist Session II” in the Country Genre in the prestigious John Lennon Songwriting Competition.”

“I'm sure you don't need for me to tell you that your writing is great...and the demos are so well produced and ready for launch. All of the tunes on your site are current and relevant to today's market and ought to be on the charts if not already. I really like the feel of "I'm So Blue". Keep chasing the muse!”

Matthew Chambers Band - Matthew Chambers Band -Reverbnation Artist

“April 2013: South Carolina Country Chart : Broadjam 1)A Dance With Angels (Antoinette's Song) 2) Some Things Are True 3)Home To Carolina 4) Jingle Jangle Christmas 5) I'm So Blue Country : Broadjam 1) A Dance With Angels (Antoinette's Song) 2) Some Things Are True 3)Home To Carolina Country -Contemporary Broadjam 1)A Dance With Angels (Antoinette's Song) 2) Some Things Are True 3)Home To Carolina Broadjam : Earth (over 500,000 songs ) 4)A Dance With Angels (Antoinette's Song) 6) Some Things Are True 9)Home To Carolina”

Broadjam .com

“Fantastic work here Rob..always love listening to a solid, imaginative craftsman really working and developing a tune and giving it a full melody and wide, emotional reach..such a gorgeous lyric for "dance with angels" and really impressed by the 50's Country vibe matched to a modern soul/R&B vocal on "i'm so blue"..this is writing of the highest order..really enjoyed it!!”

MikeWhitePresents - MikeWhitePresents

“Your songwriting skills are at the professional level.”

Austin Jimmy Murphy- Reverbnation Artist - Austin Jimmy Murphy

“Home To Carolina :Finalist 2011 Country Song Door Songwriting Contest ! ”

“ Adam Maxfield posted 1 week ago to Rob Cariddi Songs Hi Rob, just discovered Home to Carolina, great song deserves its current status and more. ”

Adam Maxfield (Broadjam artist)

“WRT:“A Dance With Angels (Antoinette's Song)” (AC Pop) RC Songs, Your song "A Dance With Angels (Antoinette's Song)" was a very good candidate for our recent AC Pop posting; both the format and structure being perfectly suited for an AC Pop song. The lyrics were beautifully written and make for a very sensitive and touching song...a wonderful tribute to your mother. We very much appreciate you submitting your song for us to consider. It is a quality piece. Keep up the fine work. Sincerely, The A&R Staff Sweet Rosie Music Your writing talent is very obvious.”

Sweet Rosie Music Publishing

“A Dance With Angels (Antoinette's Song)... Perfect vocal delivery for the lyric content of this song. Very evocative. The choruses are appropriately deep, with the chorus lending invaluable support. Powerful. I will surely revisit this one. Great job. Best, Jeff”

Jeffery Weber

“Your vocals and songs are as good as any played on mainstream radio. I wish you great success and have added you to recommended artists. ”

Brummett and Lynn ~ Reverbnation Artist

“Some of the finest writing I have heard in years. Excellent work !”

The Ted Vaughn Blues Band - Reverbnation Artist

“Home To Carolina # 3 Top 10: Broadjam Earth ”

Broadjam 6/12

“Home To Carolina is currently on "9" Top 10 Lists ”

Broadjam 6/12

“Home To Carolina is a GREAT song ! We've selected "Home To Carolina" as our song of the month for November. That song will be featured on our homepage for the entire month. Regards, Courtney Delaney www.OutboundMusic.com ”

Courtney Delaney "OutboundMusic.com"

“Rob's very first demo with us "Home To Carolina" landed him "Best Song" award at Songwriter Universe as well as a publishing deal!”

Stacy Hogan -A Writers Paradise

"Home To Carolina " Amazing sound ! Great Lyrical flow,memorable hook,even a smooth,refreshing key change ! This song has it all !!

The 18th Annual Billboard /Starmaker World Song Contest

“I'm impressed with your songwriting . "I'm So Blue" could be on the radio today ! Great work ! Fantastic Jazz chord structure!”

The 18th Annual Billboard /Starmaker World Song Contest

“Hi Rob Home to Carolina is a tremendous song. I will certainly come back & listen to it. It's deservedly in the top 10. best regards Tony James ”

Broadjam Artist

“Jingle Jangle Christmas #1 on Unique- Holiday Chart Broadjam”


“Home To Carolina #1 on Top 10: Country”

Broadjam 6/12

“Home To Carolina # 1 on Top 10: Country - Contemporary Chart”

Broadjam 6/12

“Home To Carolina # 3 on Top 10: United States Chart”

Broadjam 6/12

“Home To Carolina #3 on Top 10: North America”

Broadjam 6/12

“Home To Carolina # 1 on Top 10: South East ”

Broadjam 6/12

“Home To Carolina #2 on Top 10: Production - Mid Tempo”

Broadjam 6/12

“ Home To Carolina Margaret Cork Ireland 2012-04-08 “ Great Song wonderful voice and sound! love it!!! ””

Jango !!

“# 1 - " Home To Carolina" # 2 - "Some Things are True" # 3 - 'I'm So Blue"”

"Some Things are True" & "Home To Carolina" Signed to a licensing deal

Marie Braden "We are making Stars"

"Home To Carolina" Selected

Mike Ell at Song and Film Country songs: Major cable network seeking songs -

“Crucial Music Publishing Group signs "Home To Carolina" ”

Crucial Music Publishing

“I am thrilled to have signed Rob Cariddi's amazing 'I'M SO BLUE'... ala Patsy Cline meets Etta James...I have sent this song to Crystal Gayle and will be pitching it to other aritsts as well...Additionally, this piece will be worked to film/tv under re-title... ”

Rex Benson Music Group / Penn Music Group

“Home To Carolina .... Song of the Month...”