Fortified PhonetX / Press

“This team of skilled wordsmiths and crafty producers create a dreamy aroma of flow, beat and stylistic breaks with this impressive release. Every track on this album is foreboding in its own way, yet they all seem to draw you in to an impressive lull, and it’s not only exciting, it’s dangerous in a strangely exciting way. ”

“Pittsburgh hip-hop trio Fortified PhonetX's album The Plastic Eaters is a release sure to satisfy the ears of hip-hop purists. Booming drums, heavy bass rhythms, sample loops, record-cutting scratches and aggressively proud-to-be-underground rhymes define this debut from the FPX crew. MCs Connect and Moemaw Naedon, along with DJ Blacklisted, contributed to the production.”

“FORTIFIED PHONETX is a versatile crew who can all craft beats as easily as they can rock mics.”

“Who knew Pittsburgh had an answer to Deltron 3030? I sure as shit didn’t, but thanks to arguably the best hip-hop blog in Pittsburgh, Rory Webb’s Stilltown, Fortified PhonetX member Connect and his debut mix tape Arrival Tactics managed to come into my purview. And while, yes, Deltron 3030′s debut album is an undisputed underground classic, Arrival shares the same sonic palette with DJ Kid Koala’s production that was deemed so innovative more than a decade ago: Spartan, airy beats, a thick, futuristic atmosphere just dark enough to be more Blade Runner than Star Wars, and an emphasis on narrative clarity from Connect and his MC brethren. It’s a laid back collection of nine songs, sure, but tracks like “Disconnected,” “Get It,” and the intense “Closer” betray an intriguing sense of paranoia and dread. Make sure you download all of Arrival Tactics over at Connect’s Bandcamp ASAP.”