Forth Yeer / Press

“Forth Yeer Rundown:The guys in Forth Yeer blasted out of the gate with balls-out fury and delivered a hell of an vigorous set of dirty rock. The beefy three-guitar assault helped keep the train rolling through tunes dipped in as much AC/DC and Motorhead bravado as Skynrd grit. Final word:These guys were a hell of a lot of fun to watch. ”

“If you heard Forth Yeer Freshman's 2001 debut, Drunkinomicon, and then listened to Regulators, the band's new album, and thought you were hearing two completely different bands, you'd be right. As it happens, this is a completely different band. Literally. The only member remaining from the original lineup is frontman Aaron Howell. Since that record was released, the outfit's sound has changed as dramatically as the lineup, from rudimentary gutter punk to the kind of turbo-charged hard rock that saw dudes through the latter part of the Reagan administration. Only instead of being as earnest as their forebears, the Forth Yeer guys offer up mouth-breathing lyrics that give off the distinct impression that there's a winking sense of irony attached to everything about them. Howell spoke with us recently about touring, making the new record and being born three decades too late. ”

“Generally, I have about as much use for campy music as vegans have for a steakhouse. But I'll be damned if Rock Your Box didn't blow my skirt up around my uptight, TV On the Radio-loving ass. If the entire Bloodhound Gang downed a Zeke smoothie every day, with chunks of Shat and the Dwarves swirled in, they would still sound like stodgy old preachmen compared to these hoodlums. While other acts navel-gaze, these self-professed "Alcoholic Assholes" scrape the funky resin from their belly buttons and smoke that shit. In roughly the time it takes to drive from Denver to Fort Collins, they tear through a dozen songs about being "Hungry for Your Butt," getting high as a giraffe, sucking and fucking, schooling every band they've ever met and not needing no "faggots writing bad reviews about us just because we got his little girlfriend's panties wet." Against all odds, the Freshman's sophomore effort (slated to be released this Friday, August 10 at Bender's Tavern) gets a passing grade.”