For The Wolf / Press

"For The Wolf sound like Paramore after a loooong horror movie binge. They're bloody great!"

"Singer Kristy Emory took center stage, with flowing aqua blue waves, playing part stop-motion baby doll and part punk queen. She worked the stage, with a tattooed cathartic move set, channeling Wendy O Williams and the old school ladies of punk."

"Freshly inked to HorrorHound magazine's label, For The Wolf is female-fronted hard stoner rock out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. With a punk edge and lust for the macabre, lead howler Kristy Emory and Husband Coby sound sort of like Deftones with Dance Hall Crashers vocals. Those chops range from slow, dark 'n' doomy to a more rigorous punk-metal hybrid...Darkness and light, salvation and damnation, celluloid nightmares and Carly Simon; if you're gonna turn on the dark for any reason, you might as well do it For The Wolf."

“I just finished this illustration for the alternative rock band For The Wolf from Oklahoma. I'm normally not into harder sounding music, but I listened to these guys the whole time I was drawing this piece and have to admit that they have some pretty catchy material. I'm probably way off here but the bands Evanescence and Pretty Girls Make Graves come to mind as possible influences. They're not limited to just rock though. Their sound ranges from poppy to dark and moody. Definitely worth a look if you're into alternative rock or punk bands with girl singers.”

“All you need to know is that it looks like we've finally got another strong female voice on the local rock scene...this may well be the band with the most raw potential on this year's collection. ”