For the Love of Sloane / Press

“So What If... #73 on 95.5 WBRU's Top Songs of 2009”

“For the Love of Sloane is just a few tweaks away from something really big. Songs such as "So What If" and "Bitter" and their set opener, "Drying Blue," show promise for Elese Morrone and crew. In terms of merch sales, FTLOS dominated, with fans sporting their shirts all over Lupo's, including Morrone's grandpa, wearing a purple Glo-necklace and black FTLOS tee. Nice. The female vocals and big power-pop hooks remind me of last year's victor, It Was the Best of Times (whose guitarist Bob Jack reports the band just returned from recording their debut full-length in Detroit), and though For the Love of Sloane understandably showed some nerves, there's no denying the band's songwriting ability.”