Forrest Day / Press

“...if passion breeds success, the proof is in the new album.”

"Simply destroying expectations."

“The ambiance-filled, impeccably produced, mischievous, unique, brutally honest sound is going to take the world by storm.”

“Poverty, unemployment, love and frustration act as keynotes in Day's analysis of everyday life, and as a performer, he pulls no punches when it comes to expressing himself.”

“...every time they hit the playground they fearlessly try something new. That’s how I think of Forrest Day, whose joyous songs sound like they were constructed in Tom Waits’ mad scientist laboratory by Oompa-Loompas hopped up on bennies.”

“Raise your hands and praise Forrest Day and their seven piece band that can mix up genres of jazz, hip-hop, punk and make it their own unique sonic blast. ”

"San Francisco-based Forrest Day, who opened for a Macy Gray DJ set at Reef's Boise Music Festival after-party, are 'literally one of the best bands I've ever seen...' 'I'll be surprised if they don't do something huge in the next year.'"

"The best part of this whole story is that these guys are only on their way up. They one of the most talented, hard working groups and they’re out there pounding the pavement proving themselves one show at a time. Each time the crowd grows, the band gets even better, and if you’re lucky you get to hear a couple new tunes."

"One of the most talented new artists on the bay area music scene. He has also been selling out almost every show in SF and the East Bay"