Forrest Baldwin / Press

“It’s hard to forget a name like Forrest Baldwin, and it’s even harder to forget his musical magnificence, overly enthusiastic attitude, and well concocted songs. Standing at 6 foot 3 inches, this former Native American Berklee student is a wonder to witness on and off stage. As a versatile guitarist, vocalist, rapper, and improvisationalist, Forrest soulfully embraces the ears of any crowd he plays off of. He talks about the life stories as a heartbroken American, a hardworking dreamer, and a passion for finding true love in this cloudy world where we exist. Comparative to John Mayer midway through his career when he was transitioning closer to the Blues, Forrest uses Stevie Ray Vaughan guitar tones with a delicate use of effects to accent the mood of his songs. He even uses a little orchestrated pitch shifting in his recording of “Let Her Down” and spacey hypnotic sounds in “Heartbreak”. Forrest will be touring the East Coast in the first half of this year...”

Thomas Champagne - Found Magazine

"Some of the weeks best music"

"This Franklin County High School graduate, now based near Charleston, S.C., is set to play a three-hour showcase and video taping. He's got a good acoustic singer/songwriter vibe."