Forquade (Mr. Hookologist) / Press

“True talent!!!! But you knew that :) flowin like water homie, keep it up!!! ”

Mindless Muzik - Reverbnation

“Here is a perfect example of music politics: Why this man aint signed yet? ”

Dirty Dave - Fan base

“havent heard someone this talented in so long time. your song "You Blazin" takes us back in time man. smooth vocals give the the track a real chill vibe. keep going!”

Danny (artist) - Fan base

“Enjoyed the mellow-ness in your tone & music. Very relaxing ”

Trish Andrews - Fan base

“I likes that "Beat it up"!That's hot, keep those coming my baby!”

Adrienna - Fan base


Fiar Red - Fan base

“Im feeling that Fresh Air! I love ur sound!!! Good Deal!”

Jatarika Shardae - Fan base

"addicted" is the joint right there - i could definitely fall asleep to your voice on that song - smooth - flowing and on point [keep up the good work!] =)

Amaziah Hadhi - Fan

“Addicted is so intoxicating as well as refreshing... Your music vibe is something I and I know other's will love and appreciate listening to for a long time... Ya feel me!!! Stay humble & on ur grind. All da way 2 da "TOP" Peace... Ur #1 fan...”


“As soon as I heard "I'm Addicted" I got the goose bumps.”

Major Soul

“Good rideing muzic, and easy on the ear.. Nice soundz playa”

Floyd Kirkland - Epic Creations - Vancouver Palace

“Forquade has a very unique sound, Very graceful with his soulful voice. Stay listening to this guy. This is what you call "Pure Talent"”

Chase - Global - Global Magazine

“I appreciate all my new fan and thank you for taken time to Vibe with me. Stay up. "Follow My Lead"”

Froquade - QDTV Radio

“I have a trax on deck. So just listen to it an feel this rough copy move u. Theirs no name yet. I'm still uncertain.”

Froquade - Quadrome