Forigno Mac / Press

“Chicken hawk in the coop, stealing eggs from the goose...Malcolm X mindstate, watch dem chickens come to roost...but my shorty aint Sppike Lee, Nina be my wife..MVP of da sprite league, leanin like a nosebleed..”

Forigno Mac - G.L.O.C. Boyz

“I'ma Sportscenter nigga, but let me P.T.I....as I count dem dead guys, she kiss my 3rd eye...John Wall of my city, Ciroc wit my piffy..front line down thge Farms wit K.D. and P-Shitty..”

Forigno Mac - King Shit

“Tell me what's next, legal money vs. crack bags..Only want a bitch if her walk say she act baad..Big face dollars attitude like Diddy, hands down I'm the best rapper walkin through my city..U already know my name, (I) keep a flocka flame..”

Forigno Mac - The Streets