“Forgotten Legacy captures the spirit of old-school Heavy Metal and unleashes it with authority and obvious devotion to it, and the music they craft. If you haven't heard the band name yet, then it's well worth familiarizing yourself with it. ”

“This band doesn't care who doesn't like them. Their approach may be of non-conventional thinking, but they do have the balls that a lot of other metal bands who kiss each other's asses lack.”

Eric Weisenberg

“Musical genre played on The Oracle is what I would describe as an ‘old-school American Power, Thrash & Heavy Metal with some Progressive touches’. This American quartet delivers some well-crafted and highly effective riffs, powerful and strong vocals, hellish drumming and overall effective and catchy melodies.”

“Their latest CD, “The Oracle”, is an amalgamation of a full on assault by guitarist Mike Johnson, bassist Chuck Donahue and John Jesuele on drums followed by the straightforward blunt force trauma provided by vocalist Joel Wood. A symmetrical blend of fantasy and realism combined with the raw sound that they are known to have up on stage, Forgotten Legacy is definitely Power Metal! Power Metal that is in your face and made right here in the USA and keeping it true for the die hards such as myself. I really don’t care what the non-metal purists or the other “metal pundits” have to say about them. They don’t sound “dated”. They are a well rounded, well oiled and fully armored tank ready to rampage on through a town near you!!!”

“The greatest metal band ever!”

Joel Wood - Wood promo!

"I will say that this is a greatly enthusiastic and interesting debut, and the band sounds highly professional (some of the songs on this sound like they could be written by a band that's been around for 15 years), and it's choc-full of grooving melodic riffs and passages that make everything seem nice and flowy, without the album coming across as disorganized."

"In general we have to say that out of the countless demos we get, “The Oracle” is one of the most entertaining ones we have received."

“written in german http://www.myspace.com/forgottenlgcy/blog?bID=540487452 translation can be found here http://www.sacredmetal.de/board/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=7815 and here”

“If you’re into first class US style Power Metal I am sure Forgotten Legacy will take you immediately by the throat. This is the kind of stuff the chosen few, who consider themselves as US Metal fanatics, just adore! Varied hard hitting arrangements, sharp riffs, sophisticated drum parts and strong soaring vocals with high pitched screams…. Especially these kind of vocals make US Power Metal so irresistible. Yes, everything I need to get my kick can be found here and Forgotten Legacy makes me wild; I’m freaking out! Fans of bands like Iced Earth (the first three releases), Overlorde, Exiled, Attacker, Liege Lord, Sacred Oath, Amulance, Fatal Violence, Held Under, Jag Panzer,….will be crazy about this band. Pure eighties US Power Metal which means you will discover a mixture between Thrash Metal, traditional Heavy Metal in vein of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and some slight Progressive lines (Fates Warning, Lethal and old Queensryche)! ”

“Forgotten Legacy is a band where dedicated means obsessed and biting sarcasm covers a deep hurt over the bastardization of heavy metal music. For all their hard-rocking and tough-talking, these guys are soul-deep purists who struggle to be "true to the art" and are somehow making a go of it in a musical age where it's hard to get ahead even if you do sell your soul. Though they didn't actually intend the name "Forgotten Legacy" as a lament about what they call a lack of appreciation for true metal music, that's what it has come to mean to the band and their fans. "It suits us perfectly," says lead singer Joel Wood. So what's metal as far as Forgotten Legacy is concerned? Wood says its "original, soaring vocals, top-of the line guitar playing, drumming that creates both a cohesive band and the opportunity for dueling guitars," ”