Forged in Gore / Press

“FUCKIN A. Was anticipating this band when I saw them added..and they fucking BROUGHT IT. Slaughtering what you fucking thought you knew…these fellers were in top fucking form upstairs; laying WASTE and even shocking those who I heard were doubting(HA)!! Brutal, Sickening and fucking slamming..the fuck would you expect when you have the members from Ohio brutes in Regurgitation?! NOTHING LESS. THATS what\m/ I’m not going to say it was better than seeing Regurgitation…but dammit…it felt like I was seeing a slightly different version. If you know of Regurgitation(OH) you know what I’m saying. Brian and Dan are veterans of the sick from the hills of OH, fuck man…do yourself a favor and look into Forged before you miss out!! The Regurgitation cover was BADASS- and not really expected from me…but a fucking SICK surprise!! Book them to your town and watch yourself DIE\m/”

“FORGED IN GORE. That's a very apt handle for these dudes. Risen from the ashes of REGURGITATION featuring bassist/vokillist Brian Baxter and skinpounder Dan Baker. They truly were forged in gore with their time served in the underground Death Metal scene of the 90's. And they were here last nite , on a monday , and tore shit up! Really glad I attended 'cos FORGED IN GORE really lit a fire under my big toe and woke me up and had me feeling good the only way Metal can can make you feel. They were fast as fuck and heavy as shit and the guitarists were ripping out these mega nuclear solos and Brians vocals are exactly what Death Metal vocals are supposed to be and the drumming was fucking spot on brutal and pulled everything together! They did a REGURGITATION and SCATTERED REMNANTS cover. If you like Death Metal you WILL like FORGED IN GORE so check 'em out , like their , pg , buy 'em some beers and smoke a joint with them”