Forged In Flame / Press

“It’s $1 Steak Night at the Pearl Road Tavern in Old Brooklyn, and I’m sitting at a table with red bearded singer Gary Kane and shaven headed guitarist Metal Jay Bonnel; representatives from what I’ve been told is the stoner metal band to watch out for, Cleveland’s Forged in Flame. Absent are bassist Jay Clark and drummer Jon Vinson. Also in attendance- Trip from Studbulls Disco Biscuit. The beers are cheap, the steaks are bloody and the interview is laid back. We talk a little about the Jigsaw Saloon days, when self-proclaimed business guru Phil Lara sponsored their first self-titled four song EP and essentially helped give them their start. When Lara’s empire fell through, they remained, and have been aggressively playing shows with everybody from Chimaira to Pentagram. Their most recent release is a split 7-inch with friends Ohio Sky titled Forged in Ohio.”

“We have it on very good authority that this new "Forged in Ohio" T-Shirt is "easily the best Ohio rock 'n' roll shirt in years." It is pretty damn cool. It's by the Forged in Flame guys, who gave us the Phil Lara T-shirt last summer.”

“After numerous lineup changes, local stoner-rock act Forged in Flame members Gary Kane (vocals), Jay Bonnell (guitar), Jay Clark (bass) and Jon Vinson (drums) finally feel as though their time has come. While the act released a four-song EP a few years ago, a full-length effort is planned for later in 2010. So far the one thing in the band's favor is the fact its music isn't short on comparisons. "The genre of the band is classified as stoner rock or stoner metal," said Kane, a 2001 Garfield Heights High School graduate. "We also get a lot of Kyuss or early Soundgarden comparisons. It's kind of interesting. Basically people have told us at our shows that we don't sound like we're from Cleveland, that we sound like a band from another area." follow link below for more...”

“Ohio Sky and Forged in Flame will release a split 7-inch vinyl EP, Forged in Ohio, on Saturday, April 3, at House of Blues' Cambridge Room (308 Euclid Ave.). Both groups recorded with Ben Schigel (Chimaira, Walls of Jericho) at his Spider Studios. Ohio Sky's "Yikes" and "Hopeless in Motion" show a new side of the band. "We chose two very heavy and frantic tunes," says frontman Vinny DiFranco. "We have been in and out of the studio, experimenting and recording nonstop." The group is now being handled by Chimaira's management company, Direct Management. Forged in Flames' two ragged stoner-rock tracks, "Death and Counting" and "Sol Ruiner," segue into each other. "The songs go hand in hand and are somewhat conceptual," says singer Gary Kane. "We have an hour of all-new material we've been writing for our full-length album."”

“Remember Phil Lara? That asshole who ran the Jigsaw concert club into the ground and managed to piss off a ton of local musicians, promoters and music fans? Forged in Flame is selling Marked Man T-shirts with Lara's chubby, bearded mug in the middle of a target. From Flame's website: "Clevelanders rejoice! The "Marked Man" Phil Lara T is the Ultimate Fuck You back to the sleaze ball so called business man that ran 2 great Cleveland clubs into the ground. The damage has been done, now strike back!" Only 50 of the "super limited edition" T-shirts were made, so order fast. They're $15. But the chance to sport a shirt with Lara in the crosshairs? Priceless. —Michael Gallucci”

"We talked about how the guy's probably got a bounty on his head," says drummer Jon Vinson. "And the idea came up for [a song called] 'Marked Man.'"