Forever Falls / Press

"Forever Falls are Texas rock, homegrown, honest and like a pile of pulled pork, very tasty. They are also my friends and that, too, kicks ass."

Lonn Friend - Author of Life on Planet Rock and Sweet Demotion

“Forever Falls makes a leap into the big leagues with no need to look back ever again. Adam Caillavet’s vocal performance is on par with anything Dave Grohl or Scott Weiland have put forth (ever), Patrick McNerney’s leads have all the slash-n-burn panache of vintage Kirk Hammett without any unnecessary widdling, and the rhythms laid down by drummer Matt Carter and bassist Danny Broussard exude enough power to reanimate an entire battalion of corpses.”

“This hardworking group sets out on a mission and takes the opportunities they make. Their show was so freaking good, that they will be supporting Apocalyptica again in Texas – not once, but two more times. It must be all in a day’s work for Forever Falls right? Just in the past 12 months alone, they have shared the stage with Sick Puppies, The Hunger, Powerman 5000, Saving Abel, Sevendust and The Black Crowes.”

"They say all they need is the arena and I say give it to them!"

“While recording in Austin, Forever Falls played in front of a crowd of 60,000 people at the 2010 Republic of Texas Biker Rally and shared the stage with Blue Oyster Cult, Podunk, Bret Michaels, Dee Snider and Steven Adler of Guns N’ Roses. If you haven’t seen the band live, you don’t want to miss this show. They continue to add onstage visuals such as movie projectors and more.”

"Music is timeless and I don't think we are on any sort of timetable with this record," he said. "It will work itself out as long as we have a good time and put our best foot forward." And that alone separates this band from so many others. Not only can you hear it in their music, but fans can get the same energy and so much more from their live shows.

“So, out of 10 stars, "Bigger Than You Are" rates nine-and-a-half. This is definitely a CD worth your listening time”

The Orange Leader