Forever Endeavor / Press

“Can you believe that they let me touch them... Last I heard they were charging 20 dollars a smell”

That red dot on the sex offender website - Creeps digest

“Holy Shit Tatta Dick a big”

enthusiastic Asian Man - Buttplugs r us

“Could it be... Did it really... I think they just took my V-card...”

Cherry Poppins - Virginia's Ooze Box

“If I ever met These guys I'd let them fuck for free ;}”

A Hooker named Skittles - The Titty Twister Enigma

“I'd bet you anything that collectively, their penis' are about 5 1/2ft long =0”

Rosey Hymen - Asstastic

“I can't believe that Alan guys voice is so Amazing... He made me feels tingly in places I never knew could feel that way”

She prefers to remain Anonymous - Loose lips, sink Dicks

“If I knew where these dudes lived I suckle the cream from their Pee-holes”

Some dudes Girlfriend - Tighthole Express

“I think these guys are the balliest beasts in the land”

My mom (lulz) - My house