Foreign Home / Press

"...elaborately cool... vividly bubbling guitar work... the overall verdict is that "How Strange the Night" is indeed a cool sounding debut."

""How Strange the Night" isn't shallow indie rock, but a collection of songs that digs a little deeper and shows a maturity beyond many of the band's peers."

““…upbeat and immediate… beautiful and introspective… Sometimes it’s hard carving out an identity while living in the buckle of the Bible belt, but these Oklahoma rockers have found theirs.””

““How Strange the Night is a dark and moody EP that beautifully flows from one song to the next… Foreign Home is a talented band, not afraid to take their music in a unique direction.””

"How Strange the Night is big, layered, engrossing and just enough offbeat to not reside in the mainstream... The players are more than adept, masterfully genre-bending each recording."

"Anyone who appreciates indie rock will find lots of reasons to be excited about this group... Listeners can easily get lost in the lyrics and their reverberating reflections on our times..."

"4/5... Foreign Home have set out to redefine what American Indie can be, and succeeded... This album has all the right components of a truly astonishing indie album."