Forbidden Dimension / Press

“They have never really achieved much beyond cult status fame here in Canada and in listening to The Golden Age of Lasers, it is puzzling why that is. The group’s punk-influenced / buzzsaw guitar sound and vocalist Jackson Phibes seemingly naturally eerie voice will almost definitely appeal to fans of fellow horror punk-rock bands such as The Misfits, except the Dimension is a whole lot more fun.”

“Jackson Phibes is a name that deserves its own peg atop the Horror-Rock Totem Pole of Royalty - next to the likes of Roky Erickson, Alice Cooper, The Misfits etc. A master guitar slinger, genius wordsmith and extremely gifted artist, Jackson (aka Tom Bagley) has spent decades sharing his twisted obsessions with all things creepy-crawly. The band's brand spankin' new, bombastic and completely over-the-top super-slab, "The Golden Age of Lasers" further proves that while the rest of the horror herd is doing their best pretending to be The Misfits, Phibes and gang are steadily keeping it real for the Monster Kids! Chock full of accomplished monster Rock guitar and fiendishly clever themes, "Lasers" blasts through your skull like a death ray from Neptune. This Dimension remains Forbidden in 2012!”

“Jackson Phibes and Co. have grinded out the musical equivalent of B-movies and pulp fiction in fuzz-fueled, never-ending nightmares of cool. Now, the Calgary institution is set to release its first album in five years, The Golden Age of Lasers, on local label Saved By Radio.”

“With Halloween just around the corner, it comes with great delight to announce a new collection from long-running Calgary horror rockers the Forbidden Dimension. Granted, a press release confirms that The Golden Age of Lasers comes out November 22 on Saved By Radio, but we'll celebrate the impending release throughout the spooky season all the same. Band leader Jackson Phibes brings the band through ghoulish new greats like "Chokin' on a Heartache," which wrap his warbly, cryptic croon around crunchy guitar riffs and mausoleum-bound keyboard stabs. You can stream and/or download the song below. Elsewhere, the disc tips its hat to all the hairy shape shifters out there with the lycanthropic bro-down "Where's My Wolves" and "Wild Old Wolfman."”