Food Will Win the War / Press

“Food Will Win the War explores a space Iargely unexplored even in Brooklyn's dense music scene. There's a delicate balance in this music between the fun of surrealist fantasy and the acceptance of life's realities.”

“Food Will Win the War is the BK band led by Rob Ward, a whispery-voiced singer-songwriter with an appealingly moody intellectual streak.”

“...dreamy pop sounds mixed with complex human emotions.”

“Missing NYC's Food Will Win the War would be a big mistake -- especially if you like smooth, fine-tined, scaled-down fare à la Elliott Smith or Erland Øye”

“Food Will Win the War... was taken from Rob's journal. Bound in brown leather, it sits on a mahogany nightstand under dimly lit oil lantern light. The music is truly American. It is a modern folk-laced (semi-colonial at times) bazaar celebrated in large open fields...”

“Food Will Win the War is a seven piece outfit in the vein of The Magnetic Fields and Xiu Xiu. Vaulting seamlessly between uplifting dance jams and haunting melodic dreamscapes, FWWtW's set was a cornucopia of musical flavors.”

“NYC's Food Will Win the War crafts tastefully layered alt folk with a chamber rock slant, combining multi-voice harmonies, instrumental embellishments on fiddle, accordion and glock, and sweetly harmonizing vocals. The music that veers from uplifting danceable odes to dreamy melodic and drifting soundscapes.”

“... elegant, countryesque raspyness matched by grumbling monotone along the lines of Beat Happening or The Halo Benders.”