Follow The Deceived / Press

“Follow The Deceived, featured in last month’s Ultimate-Guitar.com Unsigned Artists of the Month Article have won the inaugural Ultimate-Guitar.com Unsigned Artist of the Month competition after a poll of Ultimate-Guitar.com forum members. The results rendered Follow The Deceived as the winners, after the band garnered an impressive 50% of the vote, beating competition from both Satin Gum and the Remnant Kings...”

"Follow The Deceived have an impressive myspace page, great photos, and well recorded music. I’m impressed not only with how the vocals have been captured, but just how many layers of vocals have been captured to sound so intense, so close. Epitomising this approach is the raw Memoirs of a Madman, its screams close enough to cut slash through any doubts about this band. It’s a song with a big ‘no nonsense’ label attached to it." "This is a raw band in need of praise for the way the members have recorded these powerful songs." "Follow The Deceived are definitely not out of their comfort zone on this recording. This band is worth your time."

"Sonically, the track sounds great, the musicianship is excellent, and the vocals are right in line with the hard hitting, somewhat progressive style." "Well-written structure" "Vocal style is complimentary to this type of aggressive track"

Taxi Review of "Memoirs Of A Madman"