Follia! / Press

“The strongest impression of their playing together is a great sense of fun and enjoyment that comes over from every track”

Vic Smith - Folkroots

“Their sound is sometimes traditional, then rocky or jazzy… I heard that Frank Zappa, who learned to play bagpipes in heaven, thinks this is the best album of the year”

Jåk - folkroddels.be

“Follia! cannot be pigeonholed. …their music is still a beneficent mix of folk, jazz and rock, but over the years there are also influences from reggae, ska and rap”

Assie Aukes - Folkforum.nl

“The seven musicians of Follia! create folk with colors nicely beyond the line on their third album, with the same name.”

Sven Volckerijck - De Ongeletterde Wanhoop

“This is definitely the best cd ever brought out by Follia! Forget all their earlier works, this is Follia 2.0, a band with big international potential!”

Klesie - Boombalfestival

“this band is without any doubt the top of contemporary Flemish folk”

Jeroen van Zuylen - Folkforum Netherlands

“In one single word: splendid!”

Kind of modern Music Magazine

“Above all original”

Arvid van der Wolf - the Zwolse Courant

“Follia! combines the daring musicality with great musicianship. A revelation!”

Folkforum Netherlands

“Live, the band is capable of providing you with a brilliant, and hence their name, crazy show”

Peter Bartlema - Heaven Pop Magazine

“This band is somewhat the best the lowlands have to offer live. A masterful mix of folk, rock and many other styles, good musicians, ditto show”

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