Flying Mammals / Press

“Flying Mammals are nationally touring artists!”

“Andy plays the drums blindfolded, Aaron plays his bass and keyboard at the same time, and James makes Dubstep sounds with his guitar pedals!”

“Headling Artist!”

“Flying Mammals pump up the funk on new EP release”

“The lead singer and bass player climbs up on his amp stacks, hurtles himself onto a trampoline and flies through the air. In the middle of a song. While continuing to play.... For Flying Mammals, there is no official comfort zone. There is no safe word.”

“Props when props are due: GO check out Flying Mammals, the pop rock trio comprised solely of sibings Aaron Birdsall, James Birdsall and Andy Birdsall. I've watched these guys several times, performed in festivals and bar shows with them and can tell you their stage show is as good as it gets! Great energy!”

“the area’s hardest working band!”

“make sure to keep an eyeball peeled for upcoming North Idaho/Spokane gigs in July and beyond. Also, keep your eardrums peeled (ouch!) for their uber-catchy single "Go!", which has been receiving airplay on various local radio outlets.”

Get Out North Idaho

“Brilliant and Amazing!”

“You guys are awesome!”

Paisley - Rock 94 1/2


Mike Morisson - 95.3 KPND

“Flying Mammals know how to put the put the 'w' in RAWK!”

““Go!”, is a polished, soulful and soaring number driven by James’ guitar work and featuring Aaron on lead vocals and keyboard. The song bears readily identifiable traces of Aaron’s longtime experience producing commercial and studio tracks, and wouldn’t sound out of place coming from your car stereo between songs by Coldplay and Lifehouse. ”

Zach Hagadone - The READER

“Flying Mammals sounds like early U2!”

Glenn Lefay - 95.3 KPND

“If you folks haven't heard Flying Mammals, you are in for a ROCKIN' treat. Their harmonies and infectious grooves will send you home singing!”

LeAnn Cooley - The Vagabonds

"GO!" is creating interest with its slick production and catchy, piano-laden rock.

Matt Loi - 103.1 KCDA

“If stations started playing songs like Flying Mammals has, I would listen to radio again!"”

Robbie - Portland Oregon

“Flying Mammals is making a statement people!”

Greg Mills - 96.9 Spokane's River

“We like it!”

Chris - 96.9 Spokane's River

“Flying Mammals are a one-of-a-kind act!”

“Their fun, high-energy live performances include Aaron's acrobatics and simultaneous singing/bass thumping/keyboard playing, James' wild guitar pyrotechnics, and a blindfolded Andy drumming and singing lead vocals. The music is a catchy, upbeat, proprietary blend of rock, funk, and electro-pop with frequent three-part vocal harmonies.”

“Pick Of The Week!”