Flossalini / Press

"Flossalini has a vision that he makes very easy to see if looking through someone elses's eyes"

Ladregal - Sac Magazine

"Flossalini Is My Homeboy, always has been. We Support Floss and you should too"

"Some people want to be in my magazine but You... you NEED to be in my magazine!"

Ceza - Xplosive Magazine

"...the boundaries of the often-divided hip-hop scene don’t limit Flossalini. His diverse résumé is proof of that."

“it’s obvious from the care taken lyrically and productionwise that Flossalini put his heart, mind and guts into this CD.”

“Flossalini might blow you up into tiny little pieces with explosives, but he’ll also put you back together, as good as new. Nice, right?”