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“Don't know if this band's lyrics are quirky because the songwriters come from 2 different countries with 2 different native languages, but whatever the reason, that quirkiness really works. Freakin' Love is a terific example of great wordplay atop classic folk riffs and harmonies.”

“I have another band for everyone to fall in love with. They go by the name of Flora Cash.”

"Here is a small outfit called Flora Cash, a two-piece that met on SoundCloud and have been building a rep on social platforms since. They are a quirky folk, acoustic duo, hard to put my finger on it… Currently in the process of finishing a debut album called ‘Assemble The Journey’ set to be released ‘sometime this year.’ Check them out (...)"

“You know when you are on the search for a piece of music - you don't know what exactly you would like for it to sound like but you know your soul just needs it? I have been getting a lot of this feeling lately, restlessly looking for an album, a cd, something, anything that will help fill the musical void in my life (I sound soo dramatic). However, this problem was solved when I came across Minnesota-based musical duo Flora Cash. They first roped me in with their rendition of Passenger's "Let Her Go" and after a bit on their YouTube channel I was hooked. Their music is reminiscent of when you overhear a very personal conversation between two lovers, and you sit their smiling to yourself because you can relate strongly to their exchange of words. Super dreamy.”

“Flora Cash released the first single from their forthcoming debut full length album, Assemble the Journey, and it's gorgeous. The lyrics are perfect ("I know that we'll be okay honey, even when the wind's on fire, I'll be there to take you higher"), a circling beat paves the way for a wonderfully winding melody, I cannot get over that slowly meandering piano melody that comes in at the bridge (truly amazing), and the entire composition, which is filled to the brim with pure folk influences, is perfection, but it's Cole and Shpresa's vocals which really stand out. Their rich vocals complement one another so satisfyingly well that the focal point of every one of their songs is on the vocals themselves, as those alone can fill out a track; their voices come together so seamlessly that you will never grow tired of listening to their music.”

"I was browsing through YouTube just the other day and somehow came across these two wonderfully talented individuals. I’m a hippie and soulful person and their music is so relaxing and inspiring. Their lifestyle from the videos seems amazing as well. These two should be signed and should have an amazing career."

"A quick listen to Plymouth-based Flora Cash's sepia-toned folk makes them seem like passionate souls."

Reed Fischer - City Pages

“Flora Cash has a new video out (a cover of Mumford & Sons' "Hopeless Wanderer") and it sounds just as gorgeous as I've come to expect from the twosome. Their music is flawless, with soft chords and wandering melodies that leave you anxiously awaiting the next line and vocal harmonies that never fail to make me smile; every time they put out a new video, I'm reminded of how completely wonderful they are, and this video is no exception. Flora Cash is probably the only band who can sufficiently cover Mumford & Sons without making a fool of themselves and, honestly, I may like this cover more than the original (though that sounds a little sacrilegious, even to me). Regardless, Flora Cash did a beautiful job with the song and I can't stop playing it on repeat. Plus, the video's adorable, as always, and leaves me perpetually rooting for this band's success; you can't not like them and their music (unless you're heartless and tone-deaf).”

“A Swedish-American lovestory… Cole and Shpresa, met via Soundcloud, and the music. Fell in love, created music together, and Flora Cash entered this world. The music is intelligent, bold and very sophisticated and low key… An amazing sound which has us spellbound. Just can’t stop listening… Listen for yourself: Favorite tune: Mighty Fine.”

“Flora Cash sounds like a fabric softener commercial, where people are slow motion frolicking between clean bedsheets hung out to dry on a bright summer day, but in stead of jean shorts, everyone’s bottomless and stoned out of their gourds. There’s something refreshing about a guy and a girl singing together and it not sounding sappy, but joyful in a “we’re totally going to go get sushi after this aren’t we hoss?” and everybody’s all like “totally, I hear Naguri McNigiri has a lunch buffet bro” and then they drive over to the sushi place and some chick is braiding the hair of a boy who’s all unconscious on the pavement.”

“Flora Cash has a new single from their EP (titled Made It for You) out and, as with the rest of their music, I find it too hypnotizing-ly great to ignore. The simplicity of the band’s sound (simple folk rock riffs from an acoustic guitar, mixed with pure full vocals and just a little bit of added instrumentation to fill out the melody) continues to amaze me. The simply stated truths in their lyrics are always great and “Freakin’ Love” manages to make me love the band’s work even more with lines like “melt away and I’ll melt away and we’ll melt away and we’ll wind up better, so much better, damn near better”, “all the things I never said they were never meant to be said”, and, of course, “freakin’ love, come on over”.”

"The relationship of Shpresa and Cole, she Swedish and he from the States, was the origin of Flora Cash, a pleasant and sweet and folk-pop duet."

“The band, hailing from Stockholm, was started earlier this year by the trio Shpresa Ljeshaj (vocals), Cole Randall (vocals, guitars) and Daniel Westerlund (guitars, synth). They have so far release a couple of EP:s and some more songs, which you can listen to on Soundcloud, with folk inspired pop with gorgeous melodies. The songs from the EP “Fall 2012″, have been repeated some extra times through my loudspeakers; two delightful, uplifting duets, which you can listen to here below. Warmly recommended.”

“Flora Cash couldn't have emerged at a more proper time. The group infuses 60's style folk with contemporary timbres, melodies and electronic accents to create a warm, thought provoking and vibrant cascade of harmony. This is clearly a group on a mission. My first impression of them live was: "where have these guys been all my life?" It was love at first site for this blogger.”

“Flora Cash, here you have their new song called SUMMERSET, amazing……you would love it I promise!”

“A trio from Sweden. Listen to the uplifting song Summerset.”