Flood of Souls / Press

“Presenting a style of melodic metal that actually lets the (actually understandable) lyrics drive the songs with well-arranged melodies and catchy hooks.”

“Flood Of Souls once again delivered a powerhouse performance that entertained their fans”

Overdose - LocalMC

“glad I got to see your band. Y'all were off the fucking hook!”

Rae Meyers - Flood Vyctim

“described "Temptress" as "a shot of adrenalin"”

Lori Chattle - Flood Vyctim

“The FLood of now is a exciting flavor of Grrrrrr and groove come together in an action packed johny efn fysh aggressive sounding bouqet of melodic and grindy play hard darker more loveable sound it works well for my ears fuck ya”

Ricky Trippy

“I got the oppritunity to hear some of the new and much improved f.o.s.... holy sheep skin them boyz sounds really great ...if you can get the chance to see them ...they will not dissapoint...shreddin guitarist and vox that rip thru you and a heart pounding bass that will leave you wanting more....”

Zen - Ndaaz

“Flood of Souls = BAD ASS”

JoJo Castellano - Flood Vyctim

“FoS rocked it last night. I'm glad to have had you guys on the bill. Watch out for these fuckers, they are gonna rip it up!”

Kelsey - VooDoo Productions

“I really dug your sound! That's the kind of tunes that get me goin!”

Cameron Coley - Wild Angelz-Band

“I LOVE YOUR MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...IM UR NUMBER 1 FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Tiana Dunbar - Flood Vyctim

“Really badass old-school sound! LIKE IT!”

Dethcentrik - Dethcentrik