Floco Torres / Press

“Floco Torres is happy, and so is his music. That’s not something every backpack rapper can claim, but Floco’s moved away from the starving artist trope in favor of creating songs that accurately reflect his mindset. His new EP Again certainly fits that bill, encapsulating his newfound joy into a project that’s as uplifting as it is enjoyable.”

“On his new EP, Again (his 22nd release in a voluminous body of work that also includes over 600 unreleased songs), he manages to keep his sound fresh and vital.”

“Torres is an irresistible personality on stage. I genuinely found myself thinking, “If Otis had grown up with hip-hop, this would be him.””

“'Floco Torres has a strikingly international outlook on his occupation - London is his muse and destination for this deft rap jam, against a backdrop of relationship woes.'”

“Torres adds that it works the other way, too, that being a performer has given him a lot of insight into what works and what doesn’t when he’s organizing shows. “You learn firsthand what doesn’t work,” Torres posits. “We used to play these three-hour shows in Charlotte, and that’s when I learned that no one wants to hear anyone for three hours. It could be a cover band or Jay Z, it’s still too long. And it helps me when I collaborate with, for lack of a better word, the ‘suits,’ the people putting up the money. Because guys like that have all the knowledge in the world, but they couldn’t tell you how to set a microphone up. They bring the knowledge that they have to the table, and we bring the knowledge of, ‘We know what these kids want. We know what makes them come out and dance and spend money and have a good time, so let us take care of that — you take care of the checkbook.’””

“Relocating to the small town of Macon when an internship with a major label fell through had to have been a bit of culture shock for New Jersey native Floco Torres.”

"Floco charged the stage with an energy that immediately proved he was worthy of opening for Slick Rick"

“Torres learned early on that if you want something done, you have to do it yourself. As a rapper and recording artist, he is a self-made man, self-distributing his own albums, booking his own tours, even handling his own album artwork.”

“We all can use a “pick-me-up” every once in a while. ‘Psycadelphia 2’ provides that through Floco’s introspective lyricism and that signature determination in his voice. Put that together with G!-manFantastic’s versatility on production, and you end up with an upbeat album that’s rooted in reality enough for it to be relatable. It’s an 80s movie montage, but way less cheesy.”

"Floco Torres, who is preparing to kick off a tour, was a crowd favorite".

"Floco Torres is everything a talented Emcee should be"

"I was set to go to a Floco Torres concert. Who is Floco Torres? That’s your first problem. Floco Torres is Macon’s premier emcee".

“I've watched Floco perform with his band and get better and better and he's previewed at least one song at each show from his upcoming Floco's Modern Life (FML) album which has basically gotten me really excited about this album.”

“The hottest hip-hop artist in Middle Georgia, Floco Torres sits down for an interview with The Blue Indian’s founder, Luke Goddard.”

"Floco is a musician who's versitility will have you in awe"

"Floco Torres is creating a new flavor in Hip-Hop that alot of fans will really dig"

"Bending The World To Fit My Rules" -Floco Torres