"Although this singer songwriter folk guitarist hails from Belgium, his folk music is as universal as it comes. His English lyrics are witty and thoughtful, while his singing style is warm, but with a little bite to it. The acoustic guitar has the sharper bite as the strings are struck with focus and energy and create a sharp and powerful resonance to this music. He adds some interesting percussion at times and plays everything himself. This is folk music for now with all the antecedents there deep within, but fresh and brimming with clarity. Hopefully Floatstone can continue to tour the globe and get more people interested in his music. He is a fine member of the world folk scene. "

“If you did not know you would not believe this was a debut album, because this is top quality. A jazzy singer / songwriter of absolute international class.”

"...reminiscent of Suzanne Vega, Elvis Costello and the like. His first album leaves you wanting more..."

"This music deserves an eco-label, it is thát pure. An enjoyable discovery."


"Each track has the depth of the Mariana Trench, but luckily Floatstone evades preaching or wagging his finger. He is far too relaxed for that." - Marc Alenus,

"Beautifully crafted, stark and simple tunes delivered by a rich, soulful, intimate vocal.."Dancing with the trees" demonstrates his fantastic skill with strong, introspective lyricism. Very impressive!!"

MikeWhitePresents - Reverbnation

“Floatstone is versatile and evokes quite a lot of emotion with his truly personal guitar style. He is heading for a beautiful future.”

Dirk Van der Speeten - 't Eyschrift

"On the hotspot was Brick de Bois / Floatstone from Antwerp, Belgium, who played tremendously well. Brick banged on his guitar as if fighting for his life. We were impressed!"

Hans Veen - Akoestisch Open Podium (Netherlands)

“FLOATSTONE stepped in for a landslide performance.”

Curd Maene - Folkroddels.be