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“Flight of Fire's My Last Gamble wins Hollywood Music in Media Award for best song (Acoustic/Folk/Americana)”

“Fresh off of their win at The New England Music Awards (Best in State-Massachusetts), Boston rockers, Flight of Fire continue to take the NE music scene by force. They have arrived, armed to the teeth with their album Path of the Phoenix, a 7-song concept album that spins a tale about "the treacherous journey of doing whatever it takes to follow your own truth". Their latest single and video for "One More Sip" (filmed at Hard Rock Boston), showcases one of the more blistering cuts on the album, while giving the viewer a taste of their high energy live set. Screaming guitars, grueling riffs, and powerhouse vocals abound as the all-female quartet take on Boston and beyond. You can also catch them at the Mill City Ballroom on 5/18 as part of The Break Into Action Tour with Eyes Set To Kill.”

“Winners Announced New England Music Awards - Flight of Fire takes Best in State - Massachusetts”

“Ready For Battle: Here are the nightly lineups for the 2017 Rock And Roll Rumble”

“Flight Of Fire - 'My Last Gamble' May 15, 2017 | Bryon William Flight Of Fire is a stand-out rock group from Massachusetts who blend elements of raw rock, progressive metal and emo-folk-rock to create a unique musical experience. “My Last Gamble,” a single off their album 'Path of the Phoenix' is a great way to introduce yourself to the intensity and vitality that is Flight of Fire. The song features Dorian Maverick (lead vocals), Tanya Venom (acoustic guitar, backing vocals, drums), Tia Mayhem (bass, backing vocals) and Maddie May Scott (drums, backing vocals). "My Last Gamble" kicks off with the chorus sung a'Capella; vocal harmonies captivate from the get go. After the brief intro, an acoustic guitar commences with a grooving riff as Maverick's vocals take center stage. Maverick's voice is powerful and controlled with a shimmer of vibrato - she knows how to dig in and dish out just the right amount of grit and passion. With each passing verse and hook the instrumentals build”

“10 Questions With…. Flight of Fire « 100.7 WZLX wzlx.radio.com/2017/03/08/10questionsflightoffire/ Mar 8, 2017 - 2017 Rock & Roll Rumble | Sunday, April 2 - Friday, April 21 | ONCE Somverville.”

“Boston-based indie rock band Flight Of Fire drop new video for their new single “Rockstar Life".”

“Without any warning, lead singer Maverick spontaneously combusted into an acapella/screamo intro to their first song, “Rockstar Life.” Within seconds, Venom (lead guitar), Mayhem (bass) and Dukeshire (drums) joined into the chaos. During their nearly fifteen minutes on stage, the band unleashed every last drop of angst and emotion boiling within them — resulting in the pure eruption of everything the audience expected them to be and more. Flight of Fire took the audience through hell and back. There wasn’t one moment where I was bored, since they put their all into every note they played. The band played as one organism — feeling each beat from their feet to their fingertips. With ear to ear smiles, each band member showed their true passion and love for what they were doing. With bright red hair and empowering confidence, Maverick rocked the stage with charisma and attitude. She showed both strength and vulnerability. After rocking out during their first song, the band sur”

“Rockstar Life by Flight Of Fire We are thrilled to bring you the new video by Boston-baockstar Life by Flight Of Fire We are thrilled to bring you the new video by Boston-based indie rock band Flight Of Fire called “Rockstar Life,” the new single from their recently released Path Of The Phoenix. “Rockstar Life” was filmed by John and Judas of Aberrant Apostle Productions, and is a continuous shot video, something that isn’t easy when it comes to filming videos. This means no takes, no edits, and all of the “stunts” were performed in real time. If that isn’t hard enough, there’s some shitty pay at the end. Ah, the Rockstar Life… Filmed mainly inside The Midway Cafe in Boston (specifically Jamaica Plain), it showcases the band at their best, live and on stage. If you’ve never seen Flight Of Fire play a live gig, you’re missing out.”

“There's that old stand by phrase that talks about "these girls can rock" that definitely fits FLIGHT OF FIRE. Tanya Venom lit up the crowd with her work on the six string while Tia Mayhem spent the show providing thundering bass runs. As for Maverick, her voice soared and cajoled the crowd throughout the band's 30 minute set. At one point, she was displaying so much unrestrained power, I feared for the PA system. The band, it seems, also values versatility as evidenced when they switched things up on the song "My Last Gamble". They all had some time on the mic, while both Tia and Tanya ended up playing the drums together, Maverick handled some of the guitar work and Kat found herself on the bass. For my money (so to speak), the best track on the night had to be the oustanding "Ten Thousand Voices", the lead track on their album. You can check out that performance”

“When you have an all female rock band, it is both cliche and inevitable that you'd look to see if they meet the standard to be described as "badass rocker chicks". Well, it might be cliche, but the women of FLIGHT OF FIRE effortlessly live up to that standard. Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, the four piece have released an album that grabs you from the start and won't let go to the final notes. Having caught FLIGHT OF FIRE live with no prior knowledge of their material, the fact that I enjoyed the songs so much in their live setting made me want to hear what the studio album sounded like. Funded by a Kickstarter fundraiser, the self-released Path Of The Phoenix finds the band and their material fully fleshed out and the individual members musically tight. They do a great job of living up the description on their website that they "explore the musical textures of upbeat hard rock, emotional folk rock, and complex symphonic rock."The seven song concept album's storyline follows a w”

“Last up for the night was Flight of Fire, who wasted no time getting the crowd’s undivided attention. This vivacious foursome, coming out of Detroit and Boston, consists of Maverick (vocals and guitar), Tanya Dmuchowski (guitar), Tia Dmuchowski (bass), and Victoria Seagriff (drums). They became the Hard Rock Rising 2015 Boston City-Wide Champions this year. The Flight of Fire performance this night was mind-blowing. Maverick flaunted her impressive vocal skill, belting beautiful and sultry melodies. Seagriff is a whirlwind of unapologetic energy behind the drum kit. The Dmuchowski Twins are a force to be reckoned with, Tanya’s vicious electrifying guitar leads and Tia’s blaring riffs on bass cementing the foursome’s sound. Their songs are finely crafted to be crowd pleasers, getting people who may not even know them up to the stage.”

“The last band of the night was Flight of Fire. The all-female rock band from Detroit, was founded by “The Twins,” Tanya and Tia Dmuchowski, in 2009. Their stage show is loud, wild, and exciting. They are a band that thrives with live shows, putting on an over the top set that turns any smaller venue into an arena show. As a high-octane band full of energy, this band gave 100% the entire night, creating a great atmosphere for the crowd.”

“This second album, [Shatter the Sky], by Flight of Fire, has a diversity of music genres and displays the maturity of band members, both songwriting and performance. Not only is there the typical rock sound, but it includes some Blues, Folk, and ballads. The music promotes the band’s beliefs concerning the empowerment of women over the degradation of women that is so prevalent in the music industry. This is good in that hopefully it will help and inspire the younger generation. The fact that they all are graduates of the Berklee School of Music in Boston is apparent and they are very proficient playing their instruments and music. They completed a successful tour promoting this album and it will be interesting to see what their future will entail. I am looking forward to seeing their future as they go “Against all Odds.””

“popVLTR: What are some of your proudest moments in music? FOF: Hands down, the first thing we all just thought of was the day we were lucky enough to open for Bon Jovi last summer! Fox Detroit held a contest, and once we made it into the finals, our fans, friends and families really made that dream come true – we owe them so much. Performing at Ford Field in front of thousands of people was the most incredible experience – and it solidified our determination to share our music with the world. It’s also been awesome being an all-female band - once we found Shaina, Flight of Fire finally felt complete. All of us can attest to the fact that there’s something very powerful about rocking with three other passionate, determined women, and we’ve been told it’s quite an experience to witness that chemistry from the outside, as well.”

“Examiner: What or who inspired you to get into the music business? Maverick: "It’s safe to say that none of us can imagine a life without music. We all started our musical journeys in school band/orchestra, and, as we grew older, we adapted our classical training into playing our rock instruments, so that we could be a part of the styles and the music we loved. Shaina has known that she was meant to be a drummer since she was a little kid, banging on tables with her silverware. The twins have been writing songs and making music together all their lives (their home videos are adorable). Maverick began songwriting as a way to help her through a difficult childhood, and singing has always been an invaluable form of self-expression. For each of us, there was really no other option than to devote our lives to music."”

“Their stage show is loud, boisterous, and fun, and the energy they put out on stage has no problem filling a larger venue. Stage presence aside, Flight of Fire also demonstrates the kind of high level of musicianship you would expect from a Berklee trained band. They made a point to showcase every member of the group multiple times throughout their set, and they topped their tight stage chemistry with killer harmonies (a factor which can take a rock band from “good” to “great,” in my opinion). They showed their roots with no shame, with a super heavy, ’70s style cover of Stepenwolf’s “Born To Be Wild,” as well as some Jimmy Page-esk violin bow action of the guitar. They’re obviously a band that lives for the live shows, and one of few local rock bands I’ve seen that still subscribes to the kind of over-the-top stage show that only works when done with absolute confidence.”

“Stolen Voices is a multimedia project that gathered together 56 performers, both male and female, from five different Boston schools. Its objective is to spread awareness about acquaintance rape; a sexual assault that legally fits the definition of rape, yet does not fit the typical cliché that society has constructed (see the above scenario). This causes it to fall into a grey area, and thus be dismissed by the perpetrator, the victim, and society. Maverick was inspired to bring this issue to light after her experiences with acquaintance rape, and the experiences of people close to her as well.”

“The votes are in and we have a winner! Congratulations to ‘Flight of Fire,'an all-female band out of Livonia. Their track 'Out of the Silence' received the most votes in our Fox Rocks contest. The winning prize? To play at Thursday's (July 18) Bon Jovi concert at Ford Field. And what a stage to be on, according to pollstar magazine's mid-year touring chart, Bon Jovi is the number-one worldwide tour.”