Fleur Jack / Press

“As the album plays through, you can't help but fall in love with Fleur and her upbeat, honest and dreamy tales of love, loss and everything in between.”

“On Foreign Soil: Fleur Jack - North America on $10 a Day!”

“With her guitar case plastered with stickers from the road, and grungy brown boots on her feet, she looks every part the travelling muso.”

“Fleur Jack has that kind of tireless enthusiasm and love of chatter that makes for a great radio DJ. Even better, she also loves music......CONT..”

“It’s great to see artists like Ladi6, Bachelorette, Hera and Fleur Jack getting credit alongside the anticipated likes of Annie Crummer, Jenny Morris, The Chicks and Shona Laing.”

“but The Twitch are at their best when the power chords come in and singer Fleur Jack brings her snappy, bratty but nail hard and melodic pop-metal vocals to the front.”

“Five minutes into meeting Auckland trio The Twitch at an inner-city cafe, Fleur (vocals, bass) suddenly bursts out apologetically with, "This really isn't our scene. Would you mind if we just went to the liquor store, bought some beers and drank them in the van?"”