Flea Market Hustlers / Press

“Combine the long hair of Willie Nelson, the beards of Duck Dynasty men and a performance like Metallica and you’ve got a sound that is like no other. The Flea Market Hustlers are not the typical bluegrass band. This group places itself in its own genre: “disco-billy, jam-grass.” They not only write their own music, but also perform an eclectic array of cover songs from Miley Cyrus to Grateful Dead, always looking for the shock value. The band appears to be on an upward trajectory. The Flea Market Hustlers recently went to historic Sun Studio in Memphis to play for the television show Sun Studio Sessions. The episode premiered on PBS on Feb. 24. The band decided to book the next day in that studio to record 14 songs, and their new album will be out soon.”

"...Even if country or bluegrass is not your usual cup of tea, this collection is worth checking out for the highly enjoyable take on Queen’s “Fat Bottomed Girls.” Whether consciously deciding to save this pure delight for last was intentional or not, Flea Market Hustlers deserve a big “two thumbs up” for choosing to include this number. Their excellent reworking and masterful delivery of this familiar rock song was nothing short of genius."

"...Saturday started out a bit rough as it normally would at a festival, but Flea Market Hustlers was a perfect fix. I wasn’t the only festival goer that thought Flea Market Hustlers could have played even later in the day as they were fantastic. They stuck around all weekend as fans had the constant party going late night with some live tunes under the stars and a sweet disco ball hanging from a tree. I never made it over to their late night jams, but heard much about it and will make a point to hit it up next year. They play some unexpected bluegrass covers of songs I wouldn’t have imagined done that way and it was great."

"...and the Pickin’ Stage where the host band, The Flea Market Hustlers, lead the all night, every night open to everyone "last man standing" jam. The Hustlers bring it all, complete with chicken bingo, trailer park lighting and a disco ball reflecting off the all night bonfire burning brightly in front of Hustler Haven. I want to take this opportunity to tell the Hustlers how much we appreciate them, they are our home town band, with uptown qualities, they play great music all night and still make their set time, on time. They always bring real pretty women with them and John has cool hair."

Jack Stoddart - Jammin' at Hippie Jack's