Flatt Cheddar / Press

“Flatt Cheddar is a fun-loving bluegrass band united by a love of music and an incorrigible sense of humor. In the past year and a half, they have exploded in the Montana music scene and frequently play shows around southwest Montana. It's easy and worthwhile to watch the band play live; their variety of fast-paced grass and slower bluesy tunes keeps the crowd happily dancing while captivating listeners from every walk of life. . . . Flatt Cheddar’s music can be described as any kind of “grass” with a blues influence, and the musicians’ shared love of playing music makes their shows a guaranteed good time. . . . Phelps joined the band last spring and everything clicked into place. “One of my big priorities in playing music is the people that I'm playing with and whether or not I enjoy it,” she said. “These guys are enjoyable. It's a miracle to have six people in a band that don't want to kill each other."”

“That goal, he said, is to go on the road. “See the country,” Sevee chimed in. “I want to see all the major cities in the country while playing music,” Stebbins said. “While playing our music,” Schauer amended.”