Flannel / Press

“Great job fellas....as usual...!!”


“A BIG thanks to Flannel for such a great show! You guys were amazing and hope to see you again soon.. ”

“We had the pleasure of seeing ya'll at Bosco's last night! Great job guys!”

“Great show Friday night! Ya'll Rocked it out!”

“Great show last night!!”

“Great time !! Great music !!”

“Great show last night!!!!!!! It was great to see you again!!! :)”

“Had a Great time Bro!!! You guys were great as ever!!!”

“Had a blast...great show!”

“we had a great time we will definitely see you again soon!”

“Hello Flannel! Thanks so much for adding this to my pics! You guys Rock!! Katy”

“‎"flannel" was very entertaining and a lot of fun! Nice set list! I'll definitely b back with a crew...”

“Another awesome show last night !!! Had a great time, thank you.”

“You guys were a BLAST!”

“Great show last night.”

“GREAT show last night!!!”

“Very good stuff, guys.”

“You guys rocked, fun times!”

“These guys are my favorite local cover band!! I went to see them the first time just because Kylie's soccer coach is in the band but they are AWESOME and I've gone to see them several times now...if you haven't heard them play yet then you are missing out!! ”

“You guys were GREAT this past Saturday! Thank you for singing my favorite song! Love you!”


“ha ha ha pastor Scott I loved it! Such a soothing voice that DJ kinda bugging me but you guys were great loved the interview and the grunge explanation :)”

“Guys, thanks so much for being on the show! Y'all sounded great and were fun to have in-studio.”

“sounded great - way to go ;)”

“You guys were awesome! Oh yeah I love my pastor Scott!! LMBO!!! Great job guys! :)”

“Thought you did great, Pastor Scott! Your zen like voice got me through walmart w/o killing anyone :)”

“enjoyed listening to you!!”

“u guys were great!!!”

“Nice work guys!!!!!!!!”

“Great performance- impressive studio sound quality”

“Sounded great! You guys were awesome! We are still listening!”

“You sounded GREAT! And you sang my favorite song!!! AWESOME!!”

“I look forward to showcasing your talent on July 24th on Westplex Radio 100.7fm”

“great stuff.. good times!!!”

“Went to the show! The band is great BUT god that singer SUCKS ASS!!!! LMAO :P Just Kidding Scott, LOVED it! :) Looking forward to the next :)”

“Flannel ROCKED...as always!”

“Awesome to share the stage with Flannel. Can't wait to do it again. You guys tear it up every time!”

“Totally awesome last night guys. GREAT JOB!! Can't wait til next time.”

“The show at Dorsett Inn was rockin'!!!”

“You guys are awesome!! See you soon.”

“You guys did a great job!”

“Ya'll kick ASS!”

“Your shows are awesome!”

“I saw you tonight at House of Rock and you guys were awesome. I will certainly come see you again!”

“I seen you all perform with MEAN STREET at Brewskeez in O'Fallon... Great show!!! KEEP ROCKIN' guys!!!”

“Great Show!!! Can't wait til the next one... For anyone who likes grunge type music,,,, You've got to see this show!!!”

“you guys were F%*#@$%^ awsome tonight!!!”

“Scott,I just want to thank you and all your band members for playing for the Lymphoma Benefit. I greatly appreciated all of you giving of yourselves and your time and help making the benefit a big success!! You guys ROCKED as always!”

“It was a BLAST as always!! Can't wait for next weekend!!”

“Your band is great..Nice seeing you again!”

“Thankyou so much and thankyou for making saturday night a memorable one!! All of you are the BEST!! I have never met a more gracious band in my life and I mean it!!”

“The pleasure is ours!! You guys really rocked the house...again!! Thank you for everything you have done for KT's, it is greatly appreciated!!”

“It was a blast!! You guys are awesome!!”

“You guys are FANTASTIC! What a great time!”

“Had a good time. We will be there June 20th. You guys were great!”

“You guys are impressive! For all you OF FBers who haven't gone to see these guys yet - you don't know what you're missing!”

“You guys rock always a pleasure to see you.”

“You guys are fantastic! We'll definitely get out of the house and see you again!”

“You are very welcomed!! You guys rocked as always! See you on the 16th!”

“Your band rocks. Saw you at KT's and loved it!”

“Great show at Baja Friday night!”

“awesome.awesome.awesome.....you guys are great, had a great time!”

“Yes you guys are awesome! We had a great time!”

“Scott, u guys r really good. Way to rock the house!”


“hey, had a good time at your show!! you guys rock!!”

“Way to rock the House of Rock last night!”

“Scott! I had the best time last night. You guys ROCK!! I loved it! Can't wait til the next time!!!”

“thanks for the great time.you guys sound Great.we will see you soon.It was nice meeting you.”

“Hey man, Thanks. My pleasure. You guys are a great band!”

“We had a great time and it is always good to see you guys. It was great to actually party w/ the band before you had to play though....See you soon”

“What can we say...but your band ROCKED last night!! Thanks for the great time and we can't wait til you come back! Kevin and the Staff at KT's”

“I saw you guy's at KT's with the Police tribute band. You guys F-ing ROCKED!! Your drummer plays immaculately. The guitar sound was great. I was highly impressed by the whole band.”

“Great to see all of you last night, good show!”

“You guys were amazing! I will for sure come and see you guys again!”

“Hey guys whats up? you guys kicked ass saturday night! cant wait to see yas again! XxROCCOxX”

“Great show last night and thanks for letting me open up! You rocked too hard for the power strip even!”

“Thanks for putting on a fantastic show sat night! The audience loved you!! We heard nothing but compliments about your band!! Thanks again Kevin and the staff at KT's”

“Had a blast! Thanks for all you do for the music community!!!”

“All of you did a great job last night and as usual, sounded awesome!! We can't wait til this saturday, you will ROCK the place!! Kevin and the staff at KT's”

“Nice job last Saturday, thanks for rocking with us!”