Flannel Church / Press

“Give these guys a stage to work and they will give you a reason to believe”

“This is a funky, gospely, greasy, soul-nourishing unit that draws a little bit from all of its various members’ musical pedigrees.”

“With soul saving licks and unmistakeable rhythmic runs, Flannel Church sounds like a group that’s been together for years rather than just a few months.”

“Dedicated jam-band scenesters get excited when a new "all-star" collaboration surfaces — especially one with plenty of New Orleans musical spice and Southern boho-mojo in the mix.”

“We were just bringing it on every song. We played for four hours straight and didn't care about taking a break. You don't need a break when you're on a ride like that!”

“Collectively, Flannel Church offers an infectious sound that draws from each of its members' roots-flavored influences.”

“...pedal steel phenom Roosevelt Collier and South Carolina blues guitarist Shane Pruitt bring the sit-in magic of a festival jam session to the group’s live show.”

"Church is in session, and it’s a sweaty, slide-driven soul-saving affair."

“New Orleans mojo revival”