Flaming June / Press

“Rumpelstiltskin EP "the sound is richer on this outing and the impact is truly outstanding..... the luscious harmonies, the folk rock instrumentation, you can almost feel the atmosphere sparking."”

“Rumpelstiltin & The Perils and Promises of Womanhood - "defiantly catchy, with Psycho possessing great hooks, and Hamilton herself is a passionate front woman with a very appealing, warm voice. Excellent arrangements"”

“Winner of the FATEA best EP of 2011 with Nerves of Steel”

"As usual from this.. alternative folk band, Nerves of Steel evokes a passion and urgency which is missing in much of today's music."

My Dad Rocks Fanzine (www.mydadrocks.co.uk)

"Nerves of Steel is One Heck of an EP......a riot....delightful"


"Catchy...addictive and also rather dark....a truly brilliant band, I hope to hear more from them" Bliss Aquamarine