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“In a land of mediocre music, one band stands as the shiny example that punk will never die and still reigns. That band is the Flameing Death Fearies. FDF serve as the first band to be spotlighted in my revitalization of the “Local Sounds” based on the sheer awesomeness of their band. To grab my attention as much as these guys have is really something because anyone will who knows me will tell you that rap is my preferred genre of music. However, FDF have showed me that I can enjoy rock music from time to time, and I have also come to realize that I quite a bit actually. Now FDF have been doing this quite some time now, but I am just now jumping on board and hearing about them. I can tell you it only took me about 10 seconds into my first FDF performance to fall in love.”

“Saturday night’s set by the Flameing Daeth Fearies felt like it was ready for an arena tour... the Flameing Daeth Fearies rocked everyone musically and visually. The Arkansas band’s pop-punk-classic rock style was accompanied with a stage set up that felt like a party including lights, bubble machines, costumes and back up dancers.”

“Our favorite (and most bizarre) discovery of the New Year so far is, hands-down, Arkansas' Flameing Daeth Fearies...Sounds a bit like a Flaming Lips show without the hefty price tag!”

“bring with them a grab-bag of music spanning genres, dorky humor, sexy ladies, and of course good time rock ‘n roll to give you what they call the ‘gaudiest show on Earth.” Don’t miss it and give yourself an eyefull”

“show that will blow your pants off – and probably any other clothing you're wearing that night. When Little Rock's Flameing Daeth Fearies put on a show, they go all out (and all in). The band’s music is a combination of pop and rock, with undertones of punk, funk, heavy and bubble gum; and their fashion style isn’t complete without costumes, fuzzy angel wings, dancers and rainbows... Combining cabaret, punk, various genres, costumes, light shows, bubbles and all sorts of hullabaloo, FDF are probably one of the most outright entertaining bands Fayetteville has had on the schedule in a while.”

“The band also comes with a 5,000-watt light show, and fog and bubble machines. "It's basically as much Trans-Siberian Orchestra as we could fit in a Dodge Sprinter," says Rusti Majere, singer and guitarist. FDF thrashes and bashes through each set with the Feary Doom Squad, its troupe of dancing girls. You have to see this one”

“Flameing Daeth Fearies has all the subtlety of a screaming, drunken frat bro streaking the quad with a fifth of vodka in one hand and half-inflated blow-up doll in the other. But you know what? There's a time and place for everything, and sometimes that dude is the exact dude you want at your party. You know, to liven things up and make everyone laugh while also invading their personal space and making them feel a just a tiny bit uncomfortable.”

“Flameing Daeth Fearies, a wonderful punk/pop/rock group that wears wings and tutus onstage and cranks out some sweet danceable silliness that you're gonna love.”

“These guys are really doing something different. I got a chance to see them a while back at Rocktoberfest and they rocked. They’re kind of like The Misfits meets Boy George… or maybe The Sex Pistols meets The Cure. Probably not. Anyway, here’s Little Rock’s Flameing Daeth Fearies with Four Weeks Later. Please “share.””

“The band welcomes the label of cabaret punk rock. It's punk rock with a sly sense of humor that pulls up its tutu and wades into metal, country, rock and funk territory; heavy on the comedy, pop culture and parodies of well-known tunes with crazy lyrics.”

“We were all blown away by this little unknown Little Rock, Ark. comedy, rock, trippy, punk band “Flameing Daeth Fearies””

“Flameing Daeth Fearies (also a local band...and no that's not a typo. They were so hilarious.”

“The one band name guaranteed to trigger spell checking software kicked off its musical existence as a stoner death emo band. The band's sound is punk music cut with metal, rock and funk, and heavy on the comedy, pop culture references and parodies of well-known tunes with crazy lyrics.”

Shea - SYNC Weekly

“they sound like early Blink 182 or maybe a gag-laden version of the Get-up Kids. They look like a cross between a Japanese cartoon and a Brittney Spears video, and they go out of their way to stage a production. Last night’s set included lit-up props, dancers in fuzzy costumes (furrydom, anyone?), amp-hopping and rock-star posturing.”

“Doesn’t some pop music need a little humor? Certainly. And the cabaret punk rocking Fearies — new drummer Jo Bob along with Rusti Majere on vocals and guitar, Ginger Hiro on bass, keyboards, horns and backing vocals, and Mjr. Frel E. Cracklins also on drums — deliver a healthy dose of humor in their poppy anthems. There are double entendres and witty lines galore. Tons of pop culture references. Internet-meme jokes. All this fun ends up in the songs. Perhaps a parody called “Bad Bromance” or a true-life-tale-turned-jungle-punk-rager titled “Stole My Bike.””