Flame Fracture / Press

“This is not just blunt force trauma by music, this is a band putting their twist on the death metal scene. Don’t misunderstand me, the death metal sound is all there and done with all the skills required present and correct. The heaviness and ferocity of the deft drumming is married well to harmonising guitar breaks along with a more usual vicious stringed assault. Vocal changes and backing vocals complimenting each other, lifting the music to provide extra balance and derivation to the songs. The minimal space available on stage the over-excited band members jostled happily, eager to perform. Even with five members and a tiny stage, Flame Fracture managed plenty of movement to draw the crowd closer. Once the crowd were champing at the bit, stoking Flame Fracture’s musical fire, they threw all they had into their 30 minutes of stage time. One powerful set later and the crowds musical hunger was satisfied once more.”

“Moving into The Keeper we’re presented with a serious high point on the EP, launching into a track which harnesses all of the power of the band and propels you onwards, keeping the sound insanely heavy yet once again adding in intricate lead lines and moments of pure melody which moves this away from a simplistic pigeon holed genre. Another track which is perfectly crafted for the live scene, this to me is my favourite track off of the EP, harking back to the likes of Dark Tranquility at times, and at other times simply powering onwards with their death metal orientated guitar and drum combination.”

“Closing the EP with Life Force we’re left on another serious high point, once again showing off the more melodic side of the band and proving that sometimes, heavy can be achieved with a hint of softness thrown into the mix. Slower at first, the opening moments of this track border on atmospheric, revealing a musical ability which is all too often lost, and showing that this is a band with a seriously bright future ahead of them. Kicking into an almighty riff, we’re soon moved away from the soft opening moments of this track and once again propelled into a world of dark distortion, a place where all that matters is the heaviness of the track, and a place where you’re going to be forced into one hell of a pit!”

“This isn’t your common or garden loud-soft-loud, Flame Fracture know how to build something up, give it a sense of atmosphere and occasion and when the time comes to bludgeon the living crud out of it they do so with some serious weight and no little finesse. Yet another pit anthem in the making, one day these boys will make it out of the Deep South, well Devon anyway and I’ll be in there, in the pit, hearing these tunes the way they were meant to be heard.”

“The Keeper, clocking in at a hefty 10 minutes 42 and harking back to the atmospherics of the opening track, this track is littered with little hooks and licks that I think I recognise but can’t quite tell where from, obviously A GOOD THING and showing that they’re already ploughing their own little furrow within the Melodic Death Metal scene. I think that after repeated listens this would be the stand out track on the E.P, blending their already showcased heavy yet intricate riffage and guttural vocals with a melodic, introspective passage before building to an impressive, impassioned finale. Life Force is the closing track and has it’s work cut out following The Keeper. A suitably low key start following the previous track and taking you back once again to the atmospherics of the opening track it doesn’t last long before it all comes crashing in, threatening to implode in on itself under the weight of the guitars.”

“This is what metal is all about. Raw. Melodic. Atmospheric. Consuming. Call me biased but these guys have a real future in the industry. Another awesome night! Keep metal alive in the South West!”


“deeply enjoyed you guys at live bar on friday. talk about bloody whiplash! haha good job!”


“Great balance of Brutality and Melody!”


“Brutal! Simply brutal.”


“vocals are sick as hell, heavy tunes, great sound!”


“good show last night guys it were rather sexual to the ears”


“liking it lads vocals are wicked”


“Fuckin heavy!!! Good to see someone keepin the metal alive.”

Blood Root Mother



“You guys were fucking awsome!!!!”


“Awesome Raw Power!”


“nice guitar work!”

Von Travesty

“Wicked music! \m/”

Jacqui Taylor

“You guys are fucking sweet!!!”

Anatomy of a Predator



“came across you thorough an old friend, love your stuff. will look out for you on the scene soon :)”


“Sic stuff guys, keep it coming”

Wrapped in a Sheet

“We like your music, sounds like a kick ass rehearsal!”