Fixed Idea / Press

“The time for the main even draws near and the crowd starts to thicken in the front of the stage as Fixed Idea’s ten member band prepares to go on. This local talent has been charming El Pasoans for the past 20 years with their Latin punk sound and they got the crowd dancing as soon as the first notes resonated through the air. Watching bands against the historical buildings downtown has proven time and again to be as hauntingly beautiful as the buildings themselves. Art and music together at once is now becoming a common occurrence at the events El Pasoans want to attend. Having this constant blend of talents in one area is speedily becoming the manner in which we spend our time and money supporting what is local. Supporting what is local is bringing this town together and ridding of the popular notion that there is nothing to do in this town.”

“To escape the baking temperatures, Daniel Villaseñor, keyboardist for El Paso-based ska-Latin-punk band Fixed Idea, sat in the shade at the plaza looking on as Brooklyn-based Class Actress played onstage at Mesa and Mills streets. Villaseñor, with his 18-inch long mohawk spiked sky-high and wearing the band's signature black suit and red tie, said he hopes to play at the festival next year. "It opens up peoples' minds to more music instead of just being stuck to whatever's on the radio," Villaseñor said. "I think this has been important for El Paso to expand local acts that get recognized and branch out to the nation."”

“Concert update: Fixed Idea, Willie Nelson, Brad Paisley, StoryCorps, Canasta and more El Paso ska band Fixed Idea plans to celebrate its 20th anniversary (20 years, wow, impressive) with a live album and DVD. They'll get started Jan. 27 with a 9:30 p.m. show at the House of Rock Live, 8838 Viscount. The nine-man band plans to record and film the show. "Although our anniversary will be celebrated in August of this year, our goal is to gain momentum with many concerts and events leading up to the anniversary," the band's Pancho Mendoza writes, "also to release 2 albums before the anniversary celebration in August."”