Five Alarm Funk / Press

“Easily the best straight funk monolith I've witnessed in years, Vancouver, BC's Five Alarm Funk rushed in with massive energy that they never let drop for a millisecond, taking their role as warm-up for festival organizers Flowmotion seriously and turning on the audience with sweaty intent. Ten or more deep on the small stage, they wheeled and leapt with an enthusiasm for their genre that demolished all the half-ass, vaguely canned efforts that purport to be 'funk.' As much a workout as a performance, Five Alarm's set made folks howl and jitterbug with an intensity that left one damp and satisfied on a cellular level.”

“Test results won't come back for several weeks, but preliminary reports indicate that Anything Is Possible, the third studio album from Vancouver's 11-member outfit Five Alarm Funk, is a potent mind-altering substance.”