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Veteran actor /musician/poet/author/screenwriter who loves to be in a constant state of creativity with any or all of the above skills just mentioned.

"Telling a creative person not to create is like telling fish not to swim. Since becoming aware of the creative channel within me empowered by God," says Fitz Houston, " I have been able to convert what can often be stressful times for a creative person into constructive energy towards expressing myself as an artist in any way possible." This mouthful of a statement certainly applies to Fitz Houston.

Since 1971, Fitz has written over 100 songs and eighty poems. His lyrical pieces include numerous ballads expressing various aspects of love, life and relationships as does his poetry.

Fitz first put his lips to the trumpet at age seven, and has been playing it ever since. A published songwriter and former pianist, he still arranges much of his music first on the piano. In the mid-80's , one of the songs he published, a rap song called “Poor & Unfortunate,” was used in an episode of the hit series “227.” He co-published the song “My Heart Says Yes,” recorded and performed by the group LaRue. During that period, Fitz produced his smooth ballad “Love Has Found a Way,” and performed it on an appearance on the Montel Williams Show in 1993.

Fitz didn’t begin focusing on inspirational jazz until 1994. One day he was asked to sit in with the horn section at his church, West Angeles Church of God in Christ in Los Angeles. The rest is history. He loved playing for the Lord so much that ministering to people through his trumpet became his main mission in life. Now also an ordained minister, Fitz played trumpet with the praise and worship rhythm section during Sunday services for nine years, in since then has minister in a number of gospel festivals.

In the early summer of 1995, Fitz and a fellow horn player from his church temporarily formed a group called Lovers of Christ , when Fitz was invited to perform in a week-long crusade in London. While there, the duo performed at the DMI Gospel Awards. During the crusade, Fitz was also designated the praise and worship leader at most of the events and services.

Since 2009 , Fitz (ASCAP) has produced nine CD projects, Interludes I (for prayer and meditation), jazz with narrated scriptures, Interludes II (for prayer and meditation), instrumentals, "Sixty-six Books in the Bible, (a mini-CD which teaches the books in the bible through three versions of jazz/rap & hiphop), "Rappin' and Praisin' His Name" (a collection of several Christian jazz/rap songs), "Jammin' With the Lord (a collection of his jazz keyboard instrumentals) , and "Jazz and Praisin' His Name (which consists of several flugle horn selections).

Since his ordination as minister in 2011, Fitz has also produced several hour long prayer and scripture CDs, "Basking In His Presence" (a one-hour jazz piece with narrated prayer & scriptures), "God's Healing Hour of Power" (jazz with prayers and scriptures on healing) and "Scriptures, Prayers and Confession" (jazz with a collection of many of God's promises found in the Bible) along with several other jazz with scriptures selections, see youtube.com/fitzhouston. Fitz music is produced with his wife of 23 years, Jahna under their ministry, Faith Hope Help Ministries, (faithhopehelpministries2.org) All of his music along with his library of bible study topics is available as mp3 at fitzhoustonmusic.com.

Also an accomplished actor for just under 40 years, Fitz's many theater credits, film and television credits and clips can be found at fitzhouston.com.

As a writer, Fitz has written several Christian books and an book of secular and inspirational poetry containing 150 poems to date, available at lulu.com/wordofgod .

All of these accomplishments capsulize Fitz's opening quote, the where there is creativity, it must be released in whatever form it inspires you. This is the to freedom of creative expression. Enjoy!

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