FITTER / Press

“El sonido de Fittér es diferente a lo que está acostumbrado a escuchar el pú- blico salvadoreño, su combinación de géneros, como el rock, el reggae experimental y los “sonidos sónicos” le dan un toque especial a su música.”

“This Los Angeles band isn't straight-up reggae by any means, but also incorporate rock and a bit of world music into a melange that should appeal to anyone who appreciates a good groove from a faraway place. While tracks like "Ojos" blend a more strictly rock approach with outside influences, "Dub Walk Through a Parallel Universe (The Bodhi Tree)" cleaves closely to the echoing, odd worlds of experimental dub.”

"El trío de fusión que va del rock pesado al tropi-groove se ha lanzado en un viaje de búsqueda circular hacia sus raíces centroamericanas..."

"Fitter is clearly a bilingual band, and in an era where there are debates about whether that's a good thing or if it's a limitation, Fitter stands with courage and firmness on the issue."

“FITTER celebrates 10-year anniversary with EP release, "Through the Green Jungles of Plenty"”